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A 'Broke Mom' Shares A Sadly Realistic Holiday Gift Guide For Anyone Struggling To Afford Presents For Their Loved Ones

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As the holiday season approaches, many people are starting to fine-tune their Christmas lists and divvy up how much money they need to spend on presents for everyone in their lives.

However, a woman named Sam, who described herself as a "broke mom," shared that not everyone will have the financial means to spend money on their loved ones but it shouldn't stop them from enjoying the holidays.

She shared a sadly realistic holiday gift guide for anyone who can't afford to buy presents.

"Let me share with you my holiday gift guide for the broke mom. The guide is that there is no guide, I have no suggestions," Sam began in her video. She explained that instead of coming up with a gift guide she was just going to be honest with the people in her life about what her financials looked like.

She explained that last Christmas she was incredibly broke and couldn't afford to buy gifts for anyone. Instead of trying to hide that fact, Sam decided to be honest with people and let them know that she was struggling to make ends meet and needed to prioritize other expenses. 



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"You'd be surprised how many people were like, 'Great because I didn't wanna buy you a gift either.' In my opinion, the only people you need to buy presents for are the people you're responsible for. So your children."

Even for her children, Sam acknowledged that they didn't want or need any extravagant or luxurious presents and she would often go to the thrift store for affordable yet fun presents. "I think you'd be surprised how many people are in your same boat who also don't wanna spend hundreds of dollars," Sam pointed out. "I don't think there's anything wrong with just telling people the truth."

Even if you can't afford presents for the people in your life, there's nothing wrong with making something yourself.

There's nothing wrong with looking for Christmas presents at discount stores or DIY'ing a present. A personable or custom gift can be loved just as much as getting someone an expensive watch or a pair of sunglasses.



No one should ever feel embarrassed or guilty when it comes to finances and the holidays. Being open and honest with the people in your life can be a refreshing conversation.

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"I have no problem telling people I can't afford gifts this year and then showing up with something I made for them, something I cooked or baked. To me that screams, she couldn't afford anything and she still tried," Sam explained. "Maybe we should all be a little bit more honest this holiday season."

Admitting your own financial troubles can open the floor for others in your life to say that they are in the same boat. 

"You don't know who was embarrassed to say that they couldn't afford something for you this year," Sam said. "You save them by telling them that they're not doing gifts. Food for thought, that's my holiday guide. Just be honest with people."



According to WalletHub's 2023 holiday shopping survey, about 34% of respondents said they are choosing to skip presents altogether due to financial pressures. It's such a common occurrence and in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, individuals can feel pressured to go above and beyond for their loved ones.

However, maybe by embracing honesty, we can be able to rediscover the true joy of the holidays, which is all about spending time with the ones we hold close.

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