A Brain Trainer Shares The 4 Personality Colors That Define How People Interact With Others

Where do you fall along the rainbow of personalities?

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There are various paths to take when interpreting our own identities. We can look to the cosmos, read our birth charts, and use our zodiac signs to learn more about ourselves. We can take test after test online to define our inner selves. We can assign colors to ourselves that capture how we feel about ourselves and other people. 

Our personalities aren’t always static. Our energy changes when we’re alone or with others. Yet, at our core, we possess certain traits that make us undeniably ourselves. 


Maya Raichoora is a mental fitness trainer who coaches executives, athletes, and other high-powered people in visualization, a mental training technique. During visualization, a person pictures in their mind what they want from their lives. They consider what their life would be like if they achieved those goals, focusing on reaching where they want to be. In an Instagram post, Raichoora described elements of different personality types as they relate to color.

Raichoora shared the 4 personality colors that define how people interact with others:

1. Red

Red personalities are dominant and commanding and enjoy taking on a challenge. These extroverts are performance seekers, always trying to be their best selves. They’re bold and ambitious. 




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Reds are natural leaders. They make quick decisions and never hesitate to share their opinions, whether you agree with them or not. They don’t shy away from conflict and know how to set clear boundaries. They can sometimes be arrogant or egocentric, revealing their fiery inner core. 

2. Yellow

Yellows are optimistic and cheerful: think sunflowers or daffodils. They’re creative thinkers who focus on nourishing their relationships, putting their friends and loved ones at the center of their lives. 




They seek solutions everywhere and find the results they’re looking for.

A person with a yellow personality is enthusiastic, persuasive, and influential in a warm way. They make friends easily, striking up conversations with strangers in the grocery line. However, they can also be overconfident and self-centered, sometimes even distracted or careless. 

A Brain Trainer Shares The 4 Types Of Personality Colors That Define How People Interact With Others Photo: Courtney Cook / Unsplash 


They struggle with structure, which can be boring for them. So, don’t be surprised if they jump from one task to another and try new activities to cultivate some adventure in their lives.

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3. Green

Green personalities are the most common type. Greens are friendly, reliable people who want to be liked by everyone. They prioritize stability and security, tending to stay on the safe side.



They can be reluctant when it comes to taking a strong position on sensitive subjects. They don’t always express their opinions, although they definitely have them.


Greens are predictable and prepared. Their peace is sacred. You can often find them walking in nature, practicing their breathwork, and centering their own emotional needs. 

The 4 Types Of Personality Colors That Define How People Interact  Photo: Fark Toklouglu / Unsplash 

4. Blue

A blue personality is organized and predictable, analytical and logical. 

Blues are a mixture of pessimistic and realistic, which makes them practical and grounded. They don’t love taking risks, preferring to stay firmly in their comfort zone.  




They’re flexible and easy-going. They don’t complain or brag about their accomplishments; they’re just content to be who they are. 

They might find it hard to start a project, but when they do, they get it right. Blue personalities always read the instructions twice before making any moves. They focus on the details, because they know it’s the little things that matter most.

Wherever you fall along the personality color spectrum, delving into the deeper parts of what makes us who we are is always an illuminating journey. 


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