Boomer Grocery Store Worker Says Food Bank Donations Are Useless & For Lazy People — ‘I Had To Explain Empathy To Her’

Providing healthy food and aid is good... right?

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An upset grocery store worker turned to Reddit to complain about a co-worker and their apparent “lack of sympathy" for anyone experiencing food insecurity.

She said her “boomer” co-worker complains constantly about the store sending groceries to food banks, saying, “It must be nice for them to sit all day and still get free [stuff].”

A grocery store worker complained that her boomer co-worker has no empathy for individuals reliant on food banks.

Working in a grocery store, she explained, "One of my daily tasks is collecting items throughout a store that can no longer be sold but are still safe for consumption and can be donated to a local food bank."


Doesn't exactly seem like a task to complain about, but not according to her boomer co-worker. 

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She wrote, "Almost daily, the same boomer makes a comment about how nice it must be for those people to 'sit on their [expletive] all day and still get free [stuff].'" 

She couldn't let the boomer's harsh stance fly, however, writing, "Almost daily I shut her down with different arguments about the economy, disability, the current employment culture, unexpected health issues, or the simple fact that she wasn't going to eat this [expletive] anyway so why ... does she care."

Food Banks are a crucial part of many families' lives and supply food to millions of people.

Food banks provide access to free food, knowledge about healthy eating, and assistance to families who qualify for federal assistance programs. The Global Food Banking Network says that food banks are “key actors in building sustainable food systems." 

At restaurants, uneaten food just goes to waste at the end of the day. Grocery stores, however, can send pre-packaged food to food banks when they are no longer able to sell it on the shelf. This not only cuts back on food waste but also allows more families and individuals access to nourishment and resources.

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In 2022, 12.8% of U.S. households faced food insecurity at some point. While 12.8% seems like an insignificant number, that comes to about 10.2 million households. 

Food insecurity is the term used to describe someone who does not know where or when they will get their next meal. Many households using food banks experience extreme food insecurity and may find it difficult to reach out for help, which can become even more difficult when judged by others.

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'Boomers' tend to have a very old-school mentality about many social programs, including food banks.

Boomers are the generation born between 1946 and 1964. They are split into boomers 1 and 2, making two generations responsible for the baby boom post-World War 2 and the Vietnam War. 

A lot was changing politically, globally, and economically during these times as wars impacted the country. These may be your grandparents, great-grandparents, or even your parents. They tend to have a hard time with change and can be viewed as set in their ways thanks to a bootstraps view of life.

The world is very different now, however, and the idea that simply working hard and following the guidelines that define the American dream means anyone can support a family and own a home no longer applies.

This woman's co-worker does not like the idea of “people sitting all day and still getting free stuff.” However, she does not seem to understand the economic and societal impacts that food banks have. 


She is frustrated and angry at her co-worker’s views and her refusal to acknowledge that helping others is integral to living a productive and fulfilled life. 

While she is correct that not everyone who uses access to the food bank needs it, the majority of their resources go to those in need, and regardless of who uses them, they provide services that impact and protect communities and families.

Most people are just one emergency away from financial ruin nowadays — that includes boomers.


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