The Best Way To Develop Sharp Intuition Is Shockingly Simple

How to trust yourself and be sure about your decisions.

Last updated on Dec 29, 2023

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Intuition, we all have it. Some use it every day and others don't. Do you listen to your head or your heart?

Head = intellect; heart = intuition (deeper knowing).

Intuition can show up as feelings, a great idea, or a symbol presented in your life (a sign, a person, an animal, or even a situation).

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In fact, everything, when viewed from your Higher Mind, has significance and everything is a symbol of some sort.  


All can be used to guide your growth.

Jesus said, "You shall know them by their works." He said works, not words.

Often we get confused because people say one thing and do another.

A radical example would be the fellow who says “I love you,” and then smacks you. Words say one thing while actions state a completely different reality.

A person is completely out of integrity when his words and actions don’t match. You are out of integrity if you believe him.



You may be lacking the wisdom to see these situations and people for what they are.


My suggestion is that you ignore what people say and pay close attention to what they do.

Is this person kind to the little people — waitresses, cab drivers, and store clerks? Actions reveal the person.

When we pay attention, we begin to observe life rather than be entangled in it.

The more we observe without judgment (just watch it like a movie), the more we can cultivate our deeper sense of intuition.  


Because we are no longer distracted by intellectual illusions.

Once we become entangled with people or situations and make judgments, feign outrage, or become attached, we lose our edge.

That means we are distracted from the still, small voice that resides within the heart. That is a heavy price to pay.


The truth is that love is action, not words. It is amazing to me how people want to be told how much they are loved when their friend or partner is going out of his/her way to show them.

Can you see it? In this confused state, we put words above actions and misjudge our situation.

Yes, we are operating from our head and not our heart, which clouds our ability to use our intuition

So, how can you use your psychic abilities to become more intuitive?

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Here are the 2 best ways to develop your intuition:

1. Feel more

That means feeling the situation you are in, sensing the person you are with, noticing the energy in a situation, and feeling it.




As you move beyond your intellectual (head) self, you will find that your feeling sense will prove a valuable ally in guiding you to your right answers and direction.  

Many people ignore their feelings and that is a bad mistake.

Your feeling sense is to be trusted but it must be in the moment.  


That means that if you had a terrible experience with a tall Italian man in your past and now you react badly to all tall, Italian men, it is not your intuition speaking to you, but a past memory.

It may take time to sort out memories versus a true gut feeling. With practice, this can be done.

Practice feeling and be willing to be wrong, because your intellect will try to interfere for sure.

Nevertheless, practice makes perfect.

2. Don’t second guess yourself

When Jesus healed the blind man, the Pharisees (who follow the rules mentality — rational but not intuitive) challenged him and said you must be a devil (evil) because you did something out of the ordinary and you had the nerve to help this guy out on the Sabbath — a time of rest.  


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In other words, you broke the religious law of the time and that makes you bad.

These Pharisaical thoughts, and everyone has them, are not spiritual or intuitive. They represent the way we have been indoctrinated.

Our narrow beliefs in how things should be.

It so concerned the Pharisees that Jesus healed on the Sabbath that they wanted to get rid of him, stone him.  

Think about it, when you do a kind act, do you second-guess yourself? “Maybe they won’t appreciate it, maybe I gave too much or too little, perhaps they won’t understand or I overstepped the boundaries.”




This second-guessing is Pharisaical.

These are the thoughts that talk you out of living spontaneously, spiritually, and in love.


They are based on egoic materialism in that they attempt to convince you to rationalize who you are instead of striving to feel the deepest compassion, love, and kindness that you are and to operate from that.

If you were listening to your deep love (heart) what would you do today?  

Can you do it without second-guessing? Can you do it now?

There are different levels of intuition. Some guide you from past experiences like the tall Italian guy mentioned above.

Then, there are deeper levels of intuitive knowing that help you cultivate your highest essence.

To access these profound levels, you must become non-judgmental, non-attached to specific outcomes, and non-resistant to what is.


If you have not developed these qualities, then that is the next work to do.

Whatever work you do to strengthen your intuitive understanding will bring you tremendous rewards.

As you move your awareness to deeper, more profound levels, you glean peace, joy, wisdom, health, abundance, and knowing.  

These are the greatest rewards you could ever want.

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Jean Walters is an international best-selling author and transformational coach with expertise in personal and spiritual empowerment. Her work has been featured in the St. Louis Suburban Journals, The Fax Daily, St. Louis Globe-Democrat Newspaper, St. Louis Home Magazine, and elsewhere.