The Animal You Notice First In This Visual Personality Test Reveals The Kind Of Wife You'll Be

visual personality test type of wife you are

For many women, no matter what their particular personality type is on any test or quiz, getting married is something they have looked forward to since they were little girls.

It isn't just the big wedding that they dreamed about either. They dreamed of meeting a man with whom they could form a loving partnership they could watch grow and change throughout the years in the bonds of matrimony.

They say getting married changes people, and they're not wrong.

Marriage is a study in compromise. We all have to learn to adapt to our partners' quirks, and they have to learn and adapt to our own.

It's inevitable that in the process of doing so we make our own small adjustments to the way that we live.

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But the question remains: once those changes happen, what kind of wife will you be?

You can fantasize and imagine, but until you're in your own marriage, you really have no way of knowing how you'll behave as a spouse.

That is until you find just the right quiz or instrument for assessing what your own traits and characteristics are likely to be once you enter married life.

And that's where this free personality test comes in — allowing you to find out what kind of wife you'll be without actually having to tie the knot just yet.

All you have to do is look at the image below and be mindful of which animal you see first.

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Then, scroll down and to find out what the animal you saw first in this visual personality test reveals about the type of wife you'll be.

If you saw ...

1. The Lion

If you saw the lion first when you looked at this image, you're going to be a loyal wife.

You've always been a loyal friend, someone who is ride or die. It goes to follow that when you get married, that's going to be a positive trait you bring to your union.

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2. The Cat

If you saw the cat first when you looked at this image, you're going to be the kind of wife who creates a home of creature comforts.

Your home is your domain and you want everyone who comes into it to feel comfortable, safe, and at home — and your husband will appreciate it, too.

3. The Dog

If you saw the dog first when you looked at this image, you're going to be the kind of wife who is always up for an adventure!

Some folks might need a night to themselves or prefer staying home and the comfort of their routine, but that's not you. You bring fun, passion, and new experiences to the marriage.

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4. The Swan

If you saw the swan first when you looked at this image, you're going to be the kind of wife who prides herself on keeping up appearances.

You might be upset or maybe you forgot to pay the power bill that month, but no one is ever going to see you sweat. You let your partner do the freaking out for the two of you while you get down to business to set things to rights once more.

5. The Horse

If you saw the horse first when you looked at this image, you're the kind of wife who makes it all happen. To those on the outside, you're the one who makes the social connections and makes the house run, but the truth is you couldn't do it at all were it not for the support of your loving husband behind the scenes.

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