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13 'GIRLS' Quotes That Prove Lena Dunham Is A Genius

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As one of the most hilarious shows on HBO, I have no shame in admitting that I spend my weekends binge-watching my favorite GIRLS  every week just to see more of their ridiculous antics. While I'm definitely not saying that this representation of Brooklyn is the best or even that accurate (as everyone seems to forget that Brooklyn spans over more neighborhoods than the hipster headquarters that is Williamsburg), there have been quite a few moments — especially in the show's earlier days — where I've found myself nodding along to the characters' often shockingly insightful prose. Lena Dunham knows how to get you right in the feels; not only is everything she says relatable, it's just spot on. That being said, whether you're a free spirit like Jessa or a Hannah at heart, these witty quotes from HBO's hit series will prove just how much of a genius this indie queen really is.

"I think I just feel how everyone feels, which is I have 3 or 4 really great folk albums in me."

Turns out you're not the only one who thinks you're cooler than you actually are

"What is your favorite form of physical exercise? Sleeping."

Sorry, zumba Sleeping in doesn't make my arms and legs feel like jelly when I wake up in the morning. #Facts

"I have work, and then I have a dinner thing. And then I am busy, trying to become who I am."

Quotes That Prove Lena Dunham Is A Genius

"You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there everyday, even on the days you don't feel like it."

"When I look at both of you, a Coldplay song plays in my heart."

Because the best kind of friends in life are the ones who just get you (and this can apparently only be explained a la Chris Martin's majestic voice)

"Yeah, mom, it's a really big choice, it's not that simple. It's like, this is where I live. I'd have to find new friends. I'd have to find a new place to buy yogurt."

Hannah's honest thoughts about getting into grad school and basically having to grow up?

Quotes That Prove Lena Dunham Is A Genius


Quotes That Prove Lena Dunham Is A Genius


Quotes That Prove Lena Dunham Is A Genius

"Maybe I don't care about being polite, okay? 'Cause it's a Wednesday night, baby, and I'm alive."

The battle cry of Lenatics everywhere - Why spend so much time worrying about what other people think?

"You are from New York therefore you are just naturally interesting, okay?"

Fellow New Yorkers, our queen knows us so well

Quotes That Prove Lena Dunham Is A Genius

"I like reading emotional cues from strangers in high-pressure situations."

No other words are necessary

"Sometimes being inside my own head is so exhausting that it makes me want to cry."

"Life is much intense and you kinda just have to ride it like a pony or you'll get a haircut."

If your emotional breakdown doesn't end in a Miley Cyrus 'do, you can't sit with us

"Guys we're so disconnected. I thought this would just be a nice opportunity for us to have fun together and prove to everyone via Instagram that we could still have fun as a group."

I reiterate: Accurate.

"Watching you thrive creatively over these past few weeks, it’s made me want to thrive. It’s made me want to find a hole in the world in the shape of me, and just fill it up."

Using her boyfriend's success as inspiration to follow her dreams and find her own way?

Excuse me while I ugly cry

Basically Lena:

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