Woman Says Her Roommate Requested $2.50 On Venmo After She Ate One Of The Cookies She Made

Was it ever that serious?

TikTok user Emily TikTok

Living with roommates can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. Making sure that everything is being evenly paid for, including rent, utility bills, and sometimes food, can often be a hassle to keep track of, especially if someone isn't pulling their weight.

For one woman, she shared an unusual payment request she had received from her old roommate, who demanded that she be compensated accordingly after noticing that one of the food items she had baked was gone.


She requested $2.50 after one of her cookies was eaten, despite the cookies not being made with her own ingredients.

In a video, TikTok user Emily had stitched a video of another creator talking about the weird Venmo request she had gotten from her roommate. In Emily's video, she shared a time when she experienced the same thing.

"I had a roommate who was making cookies one evening and she sent me a text and she was like, 'Hey, can I use a few of your ingredients?' to make said cookies," Emily told viewers. She told her roommate that it was fine, and to use any ingredients that she needed to bake the cookies.


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She found that her roommate had been trying to make a relatively healthy batch of cookies, using Emily's almond flour and other expensive items that she had bought for herself but allowed her roommate to use. When Emily eventually arrived home, her roommate texted her to let her know the cookies were done and were on a counter in their kitchen if Emily wanted to try some of them.

Agreeing, Emily ended up taking a single cookie from the batch her roommate had made and ate it. However, it seemed that the cookies had a price on them that Emily's roommate failed to tell her about.


"I later received a Venmo request for $2.50 with a cookie emoji for the cookies that she made using my ingredients," Emily incredulously stated. "People are so special."

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It definitely seems a bit ridiculous to request less than $5 from someone after they've eaten a cookie made with their own ingredients. If that was the mindset, then it wouldn't have been crazy for Emily to then request money from her roommate for using her things to bake the cookies in the first place.

However, that wasn't Emily's response. In a follow-up video, she revealed that she had initially forgotten about the entire incident as it had happened two years prior. Though, she had gone back into her Venmo account to see what had happened to the charge sent by her roommate.




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"I went back and found the transaction, and I found that she requested it. I must've ignored it and she canceled it," Emily said. Even after the whole Venmo fiasco, she claimed that she and her roommate never spoke about the cookie incident or the fact that she had been asked to pay $2.50.

In the comments section, people were surprised at the amount requested.

"My level of petty would’ve sent her a Venmo for using ur ingredients at such a highly inflated cost," one TikTok user wrote.


Another user added, "I love not having Venmo. People have to have the conversation with me face to face on what they expect me to pay."

"My friend told me we should carpool and wanted to pick me up and when she pulled up she requested $20 for gas. We lived 5 mins from each other," a third user shared.

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