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Woman Says She Quit Her Job On Her First Day After She Was Refused A Lunch Break

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There are various reasons employees choose to quit their jobs, whether it be poor management, being offered a new job elsewhere, or a dislike of the job’s policies. 

However, most people would usually not quit on their first day on the job, wanting to feel it out for a few shifts to determine if it is the right fit for them. 

One woman, who proclaims herself as a “non-quitter” took to TikTok to share her reasons for quitting her job after her first day of work, and many people believe that her reasons were valid. 

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The woman claimed that she was working performing a manager’s duties with little pay and no lunch break. 

In a TikTok video that has garnered nearly 2 million views, the frustrated woman reveals details about the job that forced her to quit after day one. 

She began her video by stating that she recently accepted a job working as a sales associate at a store. 

Sales associates are typically responsible for greeting customers upon entering the store, helping customers find products, maintaining the floor appearance, and operating cash registers. 

Although when the woman arrived on her first day, she was expected to perform duties that were beyond the scope of her job title. 



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She pointed out that she was only paid minimum wage, however, she was willing to work the job despite the low pay. 

“It’s minimum wage and it’s a job,” she says. 

After the employee in charge of training the woman welcomed her to her first day, she began listing off duties the woman would be responsible for as a sales associate. 

“She starts explaining how to open up the store, how to turn off the alarm, she starts counting the til, telling me that this is my job to count the til, check emails, send packages online…to work an entire system as a sales associate,” the woman shares. 

“If you have worked as a sales associate before, you know that’s not your job. A keyholder is a person who does all of this.” 

When she pointed this out to her trainer, her trainer argued that all of the tasks she listed were a part of the sales associates’ jobs. 

She also handed the woman handed her a set of keys to the five stores in the area, expecting her to open and close the stores, count up the register at the end of the shift and manage the stores on her own. 

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“If you want me to do these things, it’s really not a problem, but you’re paying me minimum wage when I should be getting paid at least one or two dollars more per hour,” the woman points out. 

“Even with all of this, I’m still like, ‘you know what, it’s a job, a job is a job, and I already know how to do all these things so it’s not a big deal, but they’re trying to rip me off.” 

The woman planned on sticking the job out, however, her plans began to change after learning about one policy she believed to be especially unfair. 

“What got me was no breaks,” she reveals. “That means I work eight-hour shifts because I’m the only one in the store, the entire shift I get no breaks.” 

She adds that the no-break rule was not just a first-day policy and it would apply to the remainder of her days working at the store. 

The woman did not even get to eat lunch during her first shift since she was in charge of the entire store. 

“It just blows my mind how people work like this,” she says. 

At the end of the day when the woman returned to her car, she encouraged herself to give the job at least a week and to stick it out. “I hate quitting, I’m not a quitter,” she says of herself. 

However, when she got into her car, the urge to never come back to the job was overpowering for the woman. 

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She ultimately decided to quit her job after the first day. 

While she claims that she has “no hate” toward the company she worked for and the employees she worked with, she disagreed with the expectations that were imposed on her. 

“How can you expect this out of me, come on. How do these things even happen?” she wonders. 

TikTokers supported the woman’s decision and slammed the company’s policies. 

“Congratulations! You did the right thing,” one user commented. “Employers really do be asking TOO MUCH for so little!” 

“Even if it’s not minimum wage, no breaks? That’s damaging in the short AND long run. You did the right thing,” another user pointed out. 

“After five hours you are literally required by law a 30-minute break,” another user mentioned. 

“We’re not settling in 2023 babe and we’re certainly not working beyond our pay grade! You’ll find a fitting job soon enough,” another user encouraged the woman. 

The woman addressed in the comments section that she informed the company of her exact reasons for quitting, hoping that they would adjust their policies and pay rate. 

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