Woman Throws Her Boyfriend 'Surprise Party Of His Life' Only To Overhear Him Telling Friend That He 'Chose The Wrong Girl'

She wants to know how to make him fall in love with her instead.

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Relationships are complex. But whether romantic or platonic, most people believe that love is the foundation of a good marriage.

Many believe it is their right and privilege to settle down with someone who gives them butterflies and stays on their mind constantly. But, more often than not, people end up marrying "Mr./Mrs. Right Now," instead of "Mr./Mrs. Right."

One woman found out in the worst of ways that her boyfriend 'chose the wrong girl.'

The 25-year-old woman, who originally shared her story on Reddit, and later had it posted on a TikTok account called "Reddit_Crazypost," started by detailing the history she shared with her 27-year-old boyfriend.




The couple had been together for eight years after meeting through mutual friends while she was still in high school, and he had just moved to her town to attend a university. They started as friends the first two years, and eventually started dating each other.


“The reason for this was because I was too scared to make a move and he was in love with one of our mutual friends,” she said when explaining why the transition from friends to lovers had taken so long. The woman he had been in love with settled down with another man, so the poster’s boyfriend turned his attention to her.

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The prior Saturday was her boyfriend’s birthday, and since he had never had a surprise party, she had planned one for him.

She worked diligently to make sure the people who were important to him were there. She made reservations, ordered a cake, and enlisted his best friend to keep him busy the day of the party to make certain everything went off without a hitch.

All of the guests arrived on time and successfully surprised the birthday boy. According to the woman, he smiled the entire time and seemed to be enjoying the festivities.


At some point during the party, he snuck away with his best friend to chat, prompting his girlfriend to look for him so they could sing happy birthday and cut the cake.

She could hear him and his friend’s voices coming from the end of the hallway, so made her way down the corridor toward them. She then said, “I heard him tell his friend that he should have kept trying with our mutual friend. He told him that he should have been the man that was engaged to her and not her fiancé.”

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To make matters worse, he said he hated waking up to his girlfriend and wished his ex had thrown the surprise party in his honor.

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He expressed his disgust when it came time to kiss and hug his current partner because he knew deep-down that his former lover should be the one in his arms. He also told his best friend that he felt “stuck” in his current relationship and feared that he might end up having to marry her.

As if that weren’t hurtful enough, he compared the two women and said that his former partner was better than his girlfriend in every way and called her “the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen,” according to the Redditor.

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Unable to confront the situation, she went back to the party and told the guests that she had been unable to find her boyfriend and his friend.

Everyone waited for them to return, and when the men came back, her boyfriend hugged her, kissed her on the head, and told her that he loved her. Though in inner turmoil and confused, she kept quiet, not wanting to ruin the party for him.


Since then, she has not mentioned to him what she overheard and doesn’t really plan to. The woman desperately wants to hang on to the relationship and asked readers what she could do to make him fall in love with her, instead of the other woman.

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People were quick to point out that if he wasn’t in love with her after eight long years, it might be time to move on, especially since he has been carrying a torch for another woman for the entirety of the relationship.


In this particular situation, that seems to be the best course of action.

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