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Woman Loses 200 Pounds Before Turning 70 — 'I’m Living My Best Life Right Now'

Photo: Judy Wilson
Judy Wilson

Whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle or you want to fit into those jeans you wore last summer, people have any number of reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Whatever yours may be, focus on it and never lose sight of it — at least, that's what a woman named Judy Wilson learned when she lost 200 lbs before her 70th birthday.

At 65 years old, Wilson weighed 431.2 lbs and was suffering from sleep apnea — a sleep disorder in which breathing periodically stops — and high blood pressure, one of the leading causes of death among African Americans.

Judy could not walk on her own and used a cane or walker to move around.

Then she decided she had to do something about her weight.

Judy took the first step to her weight-loss journey and committed to Queendom Bootcamp, a local 21-day weight loss program in Monroe, Louisiana, where she lives. The program showed her the importance of exercising and receiving proper nutrition.

During an interview with Today, Judy shared some tips on how she lost 200 lbs — many of which have less to do with exercise and more to do with your mindset.

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Here are 4 tips for healthy weight loss based on Judy Wilson's explanation of how she lost 200 pounds.

1. Portioning is key.

“Food is good for you, but anything in excess is going to mess you up,” she said.

Instead of counting calories, pay attention to the portions of food you’re eating. Strive to eat three meals a day and two snacks. This will keep you from feeling like you’re starving throughout the day and reduce your chances of overeating.

As an alternative to counting calories, Judy opted to weigh her food.

2. There is a right and wrong way to eat food.

Stay away from fried food! Fried chicken tastes amazing, however, it is very unhealthy.

Judy instead recommends eating baked, broiled, or grilled chicken.

Fried foods are high in fat, calories and often salt which can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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3. Look at food differently.

“I had to see food in a different light. Some people go to food for comfort and that's what I was doing,” Judy admitted. “Look at food not as a crutch, not as something to celebrate with.”

Judy, like many of us, loves food. We use food to celebrate accomplishments and different milestones in life. Find other ways to reward yourself.

Buy a new outfit, get a new hair-do, anything that isn't food and makes you happy.

4. Stay committed and hold yourself accountable.

You owe it to yourself to stay committed to your weight-loss journey.

“The minute you make your mind up you want to lose weight, somebody will want to take you out to eat or want to make you a cake. But you have to say, ‘No. I choose to live and not die’” says Judy.

It's okay to give in now and again to your guilty pleasure and drink that milkshake you’ve been craving, but don’t overindulge.

You are responsible for the food you eat and you have to make a conscious decision to stay focused on your journey.

Judy stayed committed to her weight loss journey and lost 200 lbs.

She now weighs 229 lbs and no longer has to take high blood pressure medication. She also no longer sleeps with a sleep apnea machine.

While deciding on whether to start a weight loss journey, or if you are on your weight loss journey already, keep in mind that your mindset is just as important as the food you eat and how much time you spend in the gym.

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