Woman Kills Man In DUI Accident — Then Posts 'Funny' Videos From The Hospital

So disrespectful!

Drunk driver "funny" videos after killing a man xxsar_maxx / TikTok

In a viral TikTok video, a user by the name of Margaret posted about the unbelievable events that happened after her uncle was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.

After her original video was deleted, Margaret posted an update showing shocking videos recorded in the hospital by the woman who killed her uncle in a DUI accident.

The woman feigned remorse for killing a man in a DUI accident after posting 'funny' videos on TikTok.

The TikToker goes on to question the DUI driver’s claim that she was devastated by the accident.


She says, “She was devastated? She doesn’t seem devastated.”



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Next, we see the woman, lying in the hospital bed with a Starbucks cup in hand.  


She sits up and lays back down repeatedly as a voiceover says, “I’m alive… I’m dead” mockingly.

Margaret goes on to explain that although the woman claimed to be remorseful, her Facebook activity says otherwise.

She scrolls through several posts with no mention of the tragedy.

The content creator next shows a mugshot of the woman, now identified as Emily Tallcot, along with a post from the police department regarding the incident.

Margaret explains that despite Emily’s claim that she only had two White Claws to drink, her blood alcohol level was 0.16.

According to the post, 31-year-old Emily was arrested for DUI Manslaughter and DUI Property Damage.


She went on to say, “She was distracted. There was no sign of braking — no skid marks or anything.

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Apparently, the woman’s uncle was backing into his driveway when the inebriated driver slammed into him, killing him immediately and sending his car sixty feet down the street.

The man was trapped in his car for six hours before he could be extracted.

In a sad turn of events, his wife was the person who discovered his body.

The driver was airlifted to the hospital after the dead man’s wife called paramedics for her.

In a surprisingly callous act, after the woman was released from the hospital, she posted so-called “funny” videos, taken with the help of her boyfriend while she was recovering.


The videos include the previously seen video where Emily joked about pretending to be dead and coming back to life.

In another video featuring her boyfriend, he pretends to slap her to sleep before she pops up and smiles into the camera.

Margaret, still upset about the woman’s lack of compassion confirms, “She posted those from the hospital room.”

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The victim’s niece assures watchers that her intent is not to bully or harass the woman but rather to put out the truth.

Just when we thought the DUI driver and her boyfriend couldn’t be more heartless, she posts a video featuring a White Claw beverage, then we see her with one in hand rolling her eyes.


After claiming that she had no assets to the prosecuting attorney, Emily is shown flashing a stack of hundred-dollar bills.

The poster tells viewers she has sent those videos, along with others to the state attorney.

Margaret says, “I can’t physically wrap my head around someone who could kill somebody and then post those videos a couple of hours later like nothing even happened.”

Emily pled not guilty to the charges and Margaret is waiting for her family’s day in court.


The mourning woman is confident that the family will get justice due to all of the evidence they have.

Finally, the woman shares the reason she is posting, asking viewers to sign a petition in her bio, and asking the judge and jury for a maximum sentence.

Overall, people have shown empathy and support for the family.

One reader said, “If I were responsible for someone’s death… I’d never be the same. Never. This woman deserves the max.”

Another responder confirmed that she had signed the position, stating, “Signed. I hope justice is brought.”

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