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Woman Was Denied Entry From A Beach Club For Being 'Too Fat' Despite Having A Reservation

Photo: @bellatirico / TikTok
Bella Tirico

A woman revealed that her aunt was turned away from a club because of her physical appearance.

In a TikTok video, Bella Tirico uploaded a 50-second clip of her and her aunt waiting to be let into a club in Mykonos, Greece, where they had been on vacation. "Little did we know that this visit would be tainted by an incident that left us speechless and deeply hurt," Tirico admitted in the caption of her video.

Her aunt was denied entry to the beach club for being 'too fat' despite them having a reservation.

In Tirico's since-deleted video, her aunt was seen standing behind the rope of a beach club called Scorpios in Mykonos, while one of the bouncers refused to let her in, despite Tirico's aunt having previously booked a reservation.

Photo: TikTok / @bellatirico

"As we approached the entrance, my aunt, who is beautiful, was denied entry by the staff at Scorpios. The reason? They said she was 'too fat' to be allowed inside. This kind is not only hurtful but unacceptable. No one should ever be judged based on their appearance," Tirico pointed out.

While the conversation between Tirico's aunt at the beach club's bouncer is hard to decipher, it's clear that he is telling her to move away from the rope as she won't be allowed in. With her arms crossed, the woman's aunt appeared rightfully angered by the bouncer's refusal to let her in.

To make matters worse, just seconds after Tirico and her aunt were passed over for entry, a group of women who had been standing behind them were allowed entry into the beach club, despite them having no reservation at all.

While Tirico attempted to record the blatant disrespect, one of the club bouncers tried to intimidate her by claiming it's "illegal to record in Greece," while pointing the camera on his phone in her face.

Photo: @bellatirico / TikTok

"I'm sharing this experience not to shame the establishment, but to raise awareness about the importance of kindness and inclusion. Everyone is beautiful, worthy, and deserving of respect," Tirico added, showing a beautiful photo of her aunt at the end, who didn't look anywhere near being "too fat," though it shouldn't matter regardless.

It doesn't matter what someone looks like when trying to enter any space, and they shouldn't be body-shamed for it either.

Turning someone away from a club because they are deemed "too fat" is just another form of body-shaming and discrimination. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes and reinforces negative societal attitudes towards people who don't fit narrow beauty standards.

Tirico and her aunt were simply on vacation trying to enjoy their time in Greece, but instead, they were met with a hostile and toxic situation where they were turned away because of something as trivial as how much a person weighs.

By denying entry to Tirico's aunt based on her body size, the club reinforces the harmful and unrealistic beauty standards that dominate society. This sends an outdated message that only certain body types are acceptable and desirable, leading to body image issues and lower self-esteem for those who do not fit these narrow ideals.

Establishments must put effort into making sure their spaces are inclusive and promote body positivity for people of all sizes so that everyone can feel welcome and respected.

Despite the awful circumstances, Tirico's video has ignited an important conversation about the treatment of individuals with different body sizes, and the call for a more compassionate and accepting society.

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