23-Year-Old Shares How Happy She Is To Have A $76K A Year Job With Unlimited PTO — People Tell Her That's A 'Low' Salary

While it's an impressive salary amount, not everyone agrees.

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A woman is being told she doesn't make as much as she thinks after sharing her salary working as a data analyst.

In a TikTok video, Jules shared with her followers that she is feeling extremely content in her work life at the moment. However, instead of receiving good wishes and praise, Jules' was left with comments bashing her good mood.

Jules revealed that she was happily making $76,000 a year at a job that grants unlimited PTO.

In her video, she shared the details about her job working as a data analyst. In overlay text, Jules wrote, "I have a fully remote job with unlimited PTO. I make 76K a year, my manager is overly sweet."


"Everyone is saying I'm killing it at work. I am super happy with life right now," she added. However, most of Jules' comments consisted of viewers claiming that despite thinking she makes a lot, her salary is still relatively low for working a tech job.

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"Hopefully you get more than that in data analytics. Keep it up, but they're underpaying you," one TikTok user wrote, while another added, "That doesn't make sense."


As of December 2022, the average salary for a data analyst in the United States is $66,859. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median annual salary of $82,360 in the field as well. 

She broke down how much she gets paid and how she budgets her money.

In a follow-up video, Jules explained how she budgets her salary monthly, and how much of her paychecks go towards certain parts of her daily expenses.

She revealed that she is paid bi-weekly, and since her 401k doesn't start until April after taxes are taken out, she is left with $2,221.39.

"I first pay $60 toward my credit card, which my credit card amount is only $84.70 because I have anxiety about going into debt," she shared. Jules added that she will also put $337 into a "different checking account" to save up for her rent payments.


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"I also set aside $250 for half of my car payments, I also transfer $450 to my savings that way I can build up for emergencies." In the end, Jules was left with $1,124 for, probably, groceries, other bills, and miscellaneous things she would buy for the next two weeks until getting paid again.

While Jules doesn't specify which state she lives in, her salary is more than enough to cover the cost of living in America. For a single person living in the U.S., their average monthly living expenses are an estimated $3,189, which is $38,266 per year.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American households spent an average of $61,334 per year in 2020, or $5,111 per month — 82% of after-tax income.

In another video, Jules shared how she landed a job as a data analyst.

After receiving an influx of comments asking how she was able to land a job in tech without a college degree, Jules explained how she made it possible.

Before her current job, she had worked as a bank teller at a credit union, where she had only been making $18 an hour. "I just knew that I didn't want to do that anymore."

So, after feeling unhappy at her job, Jules began the search for something new. That's when she stumbled upon a TikTok creator who was talking about how they became a data analyst, and immediately Jules knew it was something that she wanted to do as well.


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"I went ahead and bought her certificate program, revamped my resume, and I revamped my LinkedIn," Jules said. She added that she began to network with people on LinkedIn, which is how she got her job now, and encouraged others to do the same.

"I think it's probably the best way to land a job instead of sending out your resume to a bunch of companies."


She admitted that she was nervous about being qualified for the job since she didn't have an associate's degree, and was only in college for two years. Once she completed the certificate, which took her a month, Jules was able to land a job as a data analyst a few months later.

"I would highly recommend this for anybody to look into," she urged. "It's been so rewarding for me, and it's been rewarding for a lot of people. I do think the learning and the months are worth it."

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