Woman Bought Her Mother's House At Market Value Only For Her Mom To Ask For It Back To Give To Her 'More Deserving' Brother

She bragged about winning the award for being her mother's "least favorite child."

TikTok of woman explaining what happened after buying her mother's house TikTok

For some parents, they will often refuse to pick a favorite child and instead, will say they love all of their children equally, and for others, it can be very easy to tell which child a parent favors over the other.

Such was the case for one woman, who told a story to viewers about a time in her life when she realized that she was indeed, her mother's least favorite child, and it all stemmed from the purchase of her parents' house they had put up for sale.


After buying her mother's house, she was told to give it back so her 'more deserving' brother could have it.

In a video, TikTok user @jewishmillennial had stitched a video of another creator asking people to "tell me you're the least favorite child without telling me you're the least favorite child." In her video, she proclaimed that she will "hands-down" win this with the story of buying her mother's house.

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"My parents were trying to sell a house, they were unsuccessful in doing so in a hot market," she began. Throughout the entire process, her mom had been urging her to buy the house so she would be able to come and live closer to her and the rest of their family.


Eventually, during the pandemic, she and her husband finally agreed to buy the house from her parents, thinking it would be a good idea to move back home and be closer to all of her loved ones. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

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After buying the house for the market price and moving in, that's when things started to go downhill. "We began fixing up the home. My mom was very upset that we replaced broken door handles, broken lights, [and] broken fixtures, fixed the flooring, fixed the walls, painted everything, [and] had just everything done."

She claimed her mom was upset that they had fixed all of the things in the house instead of "keeping those things and cherishing them because what a lovely gift she gave us," she recalled her mother saying to her, even though she and her husband paid the full price for the house, making it theirs.


"She began harassing us to the point where we decided we can't live here anymore, we need to move back out of this state." Upon making that decision, she and her husband put the house back up for sale, and as soon as they did, her mother was the first to reach out.

She had contacted her daughter through her father to tell her that she needed to get the house back for free so she could give it to her "more deserving" brother. She told her mother no, and kept the house up for sale where it was eventually purchased.

"The last time I heard from her was a few weeks ago after the house closed [and] we sold it to someone else. She saw what we sold it for and the text message I received said, 'Scum-bag,' and then I blocked her," she concluded.

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She explained that her mother is a narcissist and that cutting ties with her was important for her own mental health.

In the caption of her video, she wrote that she had grown up with a narcissistic mother who was often both verbally and mentally abusive to her while she was growing up.

Unfortunately, trying to maintain a harmonious relationship with a parent who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder is often difficult due to their arrogance, grandiosity, and lack of compassion for family, friends, and anyone in their lives.

In the comments section, @jewishmillennial pointed out that it took her quite a while to realize that the way she was being treated by her mother was wrong and that setting boundaries was the only way that she would be able to heal from her childhood trauma.

According to the Newport Institution, children who grow up with a narcissistic parent tend to suffer from at least some of the following as children and as adults: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-doubt, self-blame, indecision, people-pleasing tendencies, difficulties with emotional intimacy, and codependent relationships.


Other TikTok users shared their thoughts in the comments, with some writing that they've also dealt with toxic parents. 

"I thought mine were bad! We were in foster care (neglect) and dear mom asked [the] judge, in front of us, if she could just get my brother and leave me!" one TikTok user shared.

Another user offered some advice she had received from her therapist, writing, "My therapist gave me the best advice. She said you choose who’s in your life as an adult regardless if they’re family or not."


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