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Two Teens Accused Of Torturing 10-Year-Old Girl Who Was Over For Playdate While Their Mom Recorded The Abuse

Photo: Brittany O'Connell / Facebook
Justice For Callie

A Tennessee mother’s plea to stop her daughter’s abusers has spurred #JusticeForCallie to trend on TikTok and across social media.

The hashtag took off after Brittany O’Connell shared a harrowing Facebook post in which she alleged that her 10-year-old daughter Callie had been held hostage and beaten by her teenage neighbors while their mother recorded the attack. 

Now, after reading O’Connell’s pleas, supporters are banding together to bring the accused abusers and their mother to justice.

Why is #JusticeForCallie trending on TikTok? 

#JusticeForCallie was created to bring Callie’s alleged abusers to justice following O’Connell’s disturbing claims about a day of terror her daughter experienced.

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"I opened the door to my worst nightmare," the devastated mother wrote as she claimed her daughter returned home “covered in blood and severely beaten” after being invited to play with her neighbors hours before. 

O’Connell shared images of her daughter’s bruised face and alleged that between the hours of 7:30 AM and 12:37 PM, she was “held hostage in their pantry, dragged to multiple rooms” and beaten with fists and other objects as well as sprayed with bleach.

“Multiple videos of the assault were shared to social media such as Snapchat and TikTok,” O’Connell added. “They made Callie clean up her own blood afterward.”

She claimed that the mother of the two accused teens had recorded the alleged assault without attempting to stop it. 

Photos show Callie covered in scratches and bruises while wearing a blood-stained "Rugrats" shirt.

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Two teens have been arrested for allegedly beating Callie. 

In her initial post, O’Connell appealed to the local police to take the incident more seriously. She criticized the police for being slow to collect evidence and statements from her daughter.

“Why does she have to live in fear after this while her captures and torturers live NEXT DOOR and can move about as they please like nothing happened?” she begged. 

O’Connell’s pleas were eventually heard as two minors were reportedly arrested in connection with the claims made by the terrified mother.

Reports say the victim in the case was interviewed and charges were brought against the alleged attackers shortly afterward. The suspects will appear in court this week. 

Charges of especially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault were filed Friday against the two suspects in the Carter County Juvenile Court.

As far as reports show, no charges have been taken against their mother. 

A GoFundMe has been established to help O’Connell afford medical care for Callie and to cover costs from missing work to be at home while her daughter recovers.

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