Twitch Streamer Mikey Perk Asks For Help To Find Missing Daughter

He's receiving hate online for asking the public for help.

Mikey Perk and daughter Sarah YouTube

Twitch streamer Mikey Perk, whose real name is Mike Perkins, is asking fans for their help after disclosing that his daughter is missing. 

The devastated father has been sharing updates and information about his daughter, Sarah Nicole Perkins, across social media in the hopes that she will return safely. 

Perk has over 5,000 followers on the streaming platform and has enlisted the support of over 25,000 Twitter followers in bringing Sarah home. 


What happened to Mikey Perk’s daughter, Sarah?

Sarah, 17, was last seen in the Franklin, Ohio area on Friday, June 25, but her father says she could possibly be in surrounding areas in Ohio. 

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Sarah snuck out and didn’t return home.

Perkins tweeted on Saturday morning that he would be canceling his stream that day as his daughter had not returned home. 

The Carlisle Police Department released a statement to say Sarah was last seen at her residence at 9:30 PM and last spoken to at 11:30 PM. 

Perkins added that Sarah’s phone appears to be dead as he has been unable to contact her.

He later said that he had tracked down some of her friends and learned that Sarah had snuck out to go to a hotel with people between the ages of 20 and 21. 

Perkins offered a physical description of Sarah. 

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, the concerned father shared photos of his daughter and a physical description while appealing for information. 


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Sarah is 5-feet, 2-inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes.

She has an infinity symbol tattoo on her right arm that reads "Love You More."

#FindSarah is being used to share information.

Perkins has requested people use #FindSarah to spread awareness and information about his daughter. 


“This has been very emotional and very difficult,” he said in a video. “Ultimately, I just want her to be home, I want her safe.” 

Perkins received hate after sharing information about his daughter.

In an update video, Perkins responded to the backlash he had received after posting about his missing daughter online. 

He said that the reason he had publicized the situation was to have more eyes on the case.

However, others have accused him of attempting to gain popularity. 

"Yesterday, I streamed and I received a lot of hate for me streaming," he shared. "I have driven myself into exhaustion trying to find my daughter. I've used every ounce of what I could do to find her and I don't care about the views. I just want my f***ing daughter back."


Perkins becomes increasingly upset in the video, responding to unfair backlash about his parenting.

If you have any information about Sarah’s whereabouts, call the Carlisle Police Department at 937-425-2525.

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