Woman Accused Of Karen Behavior After Rear-Ending Lamborghini — But New Video Clears Her Name

Turns out it may have been his fault!

Audi and Lamborghini car accident TikTok TikTok

A TikTok of a car crash between an Audi and a Lamborghini went viral the other day after the owner of the Lamborghini, Matt, posted a video of the confrontation where he laughs at her and shows his video of the Audi owner, Maddy, rear-ending him.

The video has amassed over 40 million views and a majority of the people in the comments made fun of her for her reaction and what she had said until she posted the updated video.


What happened in the Lamborghini car crash on TikTok?

According to the original story and video posted on Lambo Matt’s TikTok (@mattfromhornblasters.com), Maddy rear-ended his car and claimed that he hit her from the front.

“You did that to the front of my car,” she said when he finally lowered his window to confront her. “When I was at a red light you went in front of me and hit my car.”


“Oh yeah? Usually, when you rear-end people, that’s not how this works,” Lambo Matt laughs the whole time as he speaks to her, shrugging off her anger and making her seem like she’s the one at fault here.

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She loses her cool at a certain point and starts yelling about white privilege. “That’s why you white people get all this privilege with this nice car,” she said, calling him names and swearing.

Many people were confused because they assumed from her appearance that she was also white, but they were also confused because of how she said he hit her from the front.


Maddy is clearing her name in another video of the Lamborghini crash.

We do have a follow-up video that came from Maddy herself, uploaded to her TikTok profile @maddygilsoul1, showing the full footage of what happened at the intersection.

Maddy recalled that she was in the left turn lane at a red light and clarified that when she said “hit me from the front,” she really meant he side-swiped her — revealing pictures that she took of the side of the Lamborghini that had paint and scratches from her car on it.


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“Matt Heller went into oncoming traffic on a red light because I didn’t turn left on yellow,” she wrote in the next video. “At that, almost hit a person.”

The footage that followed was before the rear-ending, where you can clearly see Lambo Matt impatiently rushing past Maddy, who was stopped at the yellow because a biker was riding by, almost hitting the biker and side-swiping her in the process.

“Wow the guy’s laugh seems so much more psychotic now… he really knew what he was doing,” said one of the comments on the video.

Maddy plans to sue Lambo Matt for defamation. 

The public quickly changed from her being the ‘crazy’ one, to everyone blaming Lambo Matt for gaslighting her and hitting her first.


While it is true that she rear-ended him afterward, Matt initiated the encounter. He side-swiped her, gaslit her, and then made thousands of dollars off of her reaction and the views that he got from it.

As a result, Maddy announced that she would be suing him for defamation and slander, and many people believe that she has a good case on her hands.

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