Family Of Woman Who Died While On A Date With Cop Claims Police Are Trying 'Cover Up' What Really Happened

He's lied to police in the past.

Angela Tramonte Dario Dizdar

The family of Angela Tramonte are speaking out after her death in late July.

Tramonte was found dead on a hiking trail in Camelback Mountain, Arizona. At the time, she had been on a date with Phoenix police officer Dario Dizdar.

Now, her family are accusing policing of covering up the true circumstances of Tramonte's death and are raising suspicions about Dizdar's possible involvement. 

What happened to Angela Tramonte?

According to police, Tramonte died of heat exposure hours after setting out on her date with Dizdar. However, her family are skeptical of this narrative. 


Angela Tramonte met Dario Dizdar online. 

Tramonte started talking to Dizdar back in May, after exchanging a few direct messages on Instagram.

After a couple months, Tramonte decided that she would fly all the way from Boston, MA, to Phoenix, Arizona in order to meet him in person and go on a date with him.

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The pair went out on a hiking date in 105-degree Arizona weather, according to Tramonte's family.

A hiking trail that is definitely not for beginners, it still should have been a doable task for Tramonte.


“Angela lived a very healthy, active lifestyle,” wrote GoFundMe organizer Melissa Buttaro. “She woke up early every morning to go to the gym. She did weekly meal planning and was obsessed with drinking water.”

Dizdar reported Tramonte missing after they were separated on the hike. 

According to Dizdar’s story, Tramonte got overheated. He told her to go back down the mountain where he would meet her at his car once he finished the trail.

Only when he returned, all of her stuff was still in his car with her nowhere to be found. He called the police to the scene, and they found her body outside a home near the mountain.

When ABC15 photojournalists arrived at the scene, Phoenix fire and police department officials did not disclose that Dizdar was a city police officer.


As an explanation for why they believed she was found outside of a random home, firefighters said that she was likely trying to get help from the people who lived there.

Dizdar has been inconsistent in his explaination of Tramonte's death. 

The suspicion begins when Dizdar gives reports that contradict each other. He had initially said that he was Tramonte’s boyfriend, and that he had told detectives he got lost after they separated halfway up the climb and was not familiar with the trail.

Later, a fire department spokesperson said Dizdar told crews “he was very familiar with this mountain” and that “he hikes it this time of day all the time from the top to the bottom.”

Fire officials asked ABC15 to stop using that statement because they had apparently misunderstood what Dizdar said.


However, a Phoenix park ranger also claimed that Dizdar told him he liked hiking the Camelback Mountain.

A Phoenix police spokesperson tried to cover up that their department does not know what specific questions were asked by fire and park personnel, but that they instantly cleared foul play and that Dizdar was not a suspect without an autopsy.

Angela Tramonte's cousin is accusing Dizdar of lying in a viral TikTok. 

According to an internal investigation that Ashley posted in her Tik Tok, Dizdar has a history of lying to the police department that he is a part of — giving false information on a criminal investigation.

According to reports, Dizdar was once reprimanded for giving a fake name and age to authorities after reporting a crime while off-duty. 


Ashley also leaked the DMs between Tramonte and Dizdar, where Dizdar sends her a meme with the caption, “Every girl wants to be swept off her feet, it’s when you put her in the trunk that she starts to freak out.”

An odd choice for a meme to send someone who is flying across the country to see you for the first time.

“Stop I’m so scared . . . promise me you are normal,” was her response. “I’ve never done this before but you seem good we talk a lot.”

He replied with, “Whatever you wanna say to make yourself feel better.”


Angela Tramonte's death was ruled accidental. 

The primary cause of Tramonte’s death is listed as environmental heat exposure, according to the death certificate. 

However, Ashley also said that their family was notified that they wouldn’t receive any autopsy information for 90 days, but they had ruled it accidental in 30 days.

There were irregular abrasions on her skin, but they were ruled out. 

The toxicology report also indicated that there were amphetamines in her system, which her family stated were because of her adderall prescription.

The Tik Tok has reached almost 700 thousand views and the Tramonte family have seen an outpouring of support and have raised $70,000 dollars on the GoFundMe for funeral and legal expenses.


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