U.S. Border Patrol Officers On Horseback Shown Whipping Haitian Migrants

It is downright inhumane.

Haitian migrants at the border YouTube

Disturbing videos and images have surfaced online of U.S. Border Patrol agents shouting and becoming aggressive towards Haitian migrants.

The agents were seen riding on horses as they appear to swing their whip-like object aggressively towards Haitian migrants.

These people were likely trying to return to makeshift camps under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

The possible use of whips against Haitian migrants has sparked outrage online. 

The officers were trying to block the paths of the Haitian migrants as a way to implement fear towards the asylum seekers that those in the camps would be deported back to Haiti. 


Over 10,000 Haitian migrants are waiting for the chance to open an asylum claim in the United States within these encampments.

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In one video, a patrol agent can be seen on his horse telling a migrant who was huddled with a group of women and children, “this is why your country’s sh**, because you use your woman for this.” 

The onslaught of videos and photos depicting the horrible treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers prompted a response from White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, who condemned the actions of the patrol agents in a briefing on Monday.


“I don't think anyone seeing that footage would think it was acceptable or appropriate,” Psaki said. It was also said by Psaki that administration officials were aware of the situation and that “it’s horrible to watch.”

She also said people were “understandably” outraged at the possibility that law enforcement used whips or similar objects against the Haitian migrants gathered near Del Rio, Texas.

Increased instability in Haiti has pushed more migrants to the US.

The high volume of migrants, most of them being from Haiti, have crossed the Southern border in just a matter of days. The influx has caused U.S. Border officials to create a makeshift migrant processing encampment under the international bridge. 

The assassination of the Haitian president, Jovenel Moïse, thrusted the small island into political turmoil, causing much of the citizens of Haiti to flee.


The deadly earthquake that happened in August is also another reason, which has increased the high poverty rate in the country.

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Many of the Haitian migrants stuck at the encampment in Del Rio, Texas, and the Haitians stuck in Ciudad Acuña after Mexican authorities cut off the entry point, don’t have many options. 

U.S. officials are making it a priority to process and deport as many asylum seekers and migrants as quickly as they can, meaning the ones stuck at the border will either have to make the choice to stay in Mexico, or turn themselves in to officials and risk being deported back to a country that is extremely dangerous. 


These Haitian migrants came all the way with no other options, hoping to be granted access to a better life, for them and for their families.

The treatment of these migrants and the aggressive tactics that are being used to push them away from the border is downright inhumane, especially because much of the aggression is driven by their skin color.

The Biden administration needs to take more action in helping the thousands of asylum seekers enter the country legally, because they deserve a chance at an improved quality of life.


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