Video Of Teen Using Speech At Father's Funeral To Expose His Toxic Parenting Divides Viewers

They decided to speak their mind.

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One viral TikTok is making rounds on social media after a person named Saga used their father's funeral to speak out about actions he committed while alive.

Many would argue that one should never speak ill of the dead but, for Saga, it was important to be honest about their relationship with their father instead of singing his praises.

At their father's funeral, they delivered a speech slamming him instead of commemorating him.

Saga, who uses they/them pronouns, shared a video of them speaking at their father’s funeral, in which they accused their father of a number of horrible actions.


“You’ll never be what you could’ve been but only what you are and what you are is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis straight white man. That is all you will ever be to me,” they said. 

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In a longer video posted shortly after the original went viral, Saga goes more in-depth about how troubling it was to see their father act as he did in life and how that deeply affected them.


“But dad please know that while I’m grateful and highly aware of everything you’ve given to this family, I still don’t miss you. When you died, I felt like there was a hole. I miss something but it wasn’t you. It was the idea of what you could become. I miss my fantasy of you.”

While the crowd remains silent, you can feel the tension through the video.

Some people clapped, some gasped, and towards the end, you can hear one person yell “stop!”

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The video quickly went viral with over 1.5 million views. 

Users underneath the viral video were split on how they felt after the speech.


Most users commended the user for speaking their mind in such a highly controversial way.

“This generation is fearless and I am here for it,” one user commented. 

“This was very healing to hear as someone who feels similarly about their father,” another user wrote.

But similarly, others were outraged that someone would speak about their father like this.

“Sorry this is the most chronically online thing ever,” one user commented, claiming that this is not dissimilar to something that someone who is "chronically online" would do.

“How is speaking ill of the dead helping?” another user wrote. 


As Saga showcased in their speech, parents with different political views or racist tendencies can deeply affect their children and do more harm than they realize. 

While it is important to recognize the sacrifices our parents make to ensure their children are well cared for, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are automatically granted our respect and admiration. 

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