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Texas Dad Strips Down In Front Of A School Board Meeting To Make A Point About Mask Mandates In A Viral Video

Photo: Dripping Springs ISD / YouTube
Texas Dad Strips Down At School Meeting Over Mask Mandates

Just when you thought the state of the country couldn't get more shocking, a dad in Texas did a striptease for the sake of science. 

James Aker was speaking at a board meeting of the Dripping Springs Independent School District on Monday about the district’s optional face mask policy.

And his unique approach to the ongoing mask debate has set tongues wagging.

A Texas dad stripped down over mask mandates at school board meeting in viral video. 

Aker decided to take on the optional face mask policy objections to the school board by taking off all of his clothes.

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COVID-19 cases are surging at an alarming rate. Kids are back in school, and some of which do not require children to wear face masks — which help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Dripping Springs Independent School District have an optional face mask policy.

Akers, who stripped down into nothing but a swimsuit, disapproves of the optional mask policy in his child's school district.

In his speech to the board members, Akers said that people follow rules for the good of society.

He had a total of 2 minutes to ask his question in front of an auditorium full of people. 

“I’m here to say that I do not like government or any other entity — just ask my wife — telling me what to do.”

“But sometimes,” he continued, “I gotta push the envelope a little bit.”

Aker proceeded to take off his clothes before the school board. 

"At work they make me wear this jacket. I hate it,” he said, taking off his jacket.

“They make me wear this shirt and tie,” he said taking off his shirt and tie, “I hate it.”

"On the way over here, I ran three stop signs and four red lights," he said. "I almost killed somebody out there, but by God, it’s my road too."

"So I have every right to drive as fast as I want to, make the turns that I want to.”

“But I really hate my shirt,” he said, taking off his shirt slowly. The crowd went wild, very quickly.

“So it’s simple protocol, people,” he said, as he slowly slid his shorts down off of his body.

Akers is using this striptease as a metaphor for anti-maskers.

People who refuse to wear masks, typically argue that forcing someone to wear a mask is a violation of their freedom.

Why do we wear shirts and shoes in public, then? Why do we follow traffic laws and drive to the speed limit?

“We follow rules for a very good reason,” Akers said. 

Akers has a point that rules are sometimes implemented for safety reasons. Why should masks not apply?

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Akers is fed up with the politicization of masks.

“There are too many voices out there that I think are digging in for political reasons,” Akers said.

“And absolutely just not thinking about the common sense decisions we make every day to comply with everything from driving down the road and being safe and courteous to other drivers to not parking in handicapped spots.”

“All these rules that we’re given every day that we follow, because they make sense,” he said, implying that masks mandates should be treated the same.

As of August 29, Texas is at a seven-day average of 15,313 positive coronavirus cases.

Hopefully we can all agree that covering up your mouths and birthday suits are a good idea. 

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