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Couple Kicked Of Flight After Racist & Homophobic Rant About Free Speech, China & Their ‘King’ Elon Musk

Photo: charlottedalessio / TikTok
Woman and husband on the plane

A video of a couple going on a ferocious rant on a JetBlue flight has gone viral and stirred some shocked reactions.

A woman and her husband went off on a tangent of racial and homophobic slurs, arguments for freedom of speech, China (Shanghai, specifically), and Elon Musk.

A video of the incident shows the couple being kicked off the JetBlue flight.

After being asked to exit the plane multiple times, they continued to refuse until security arrived and deplaned them, causing the woman to accuse them of discriminating against them for their political beliefs.

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The woman claims that she and her husband were kicked off the plane because they supported Donald Trump.



The video of the couple was shared on TikTok and lasted about three minutes, including some cuts.

Charlotte Dalessio posted the video a day ago and it has already received over 5.2 million views and has been cross-posted on Reddit as well, spreading the viral video in hopes that the couple sees repercussions for their behavior on the plane.

The unnamed woman seems to do most of the talking, the video starts with her lashing out after being asked to leave the plane and refusing.

According to the person who posted to Reddit, the couple had boarded the plane and started saying various slurs, causing a nearby passenger to tell the flight crew.

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"Idk OP on TikTok said they were saying racial and homophobic slurs and that prompted man in a black mask to tell flight attendants I believe," the poster claimed on Reddit.

The plane was preparing to take off from West Palm Beach, Florida, but was kept on the ground until the tirade of insults towards fellow passengers ended once they left the plane.

She calls the other passengers “sheep,” insisting that they’re being asked to leave the plane because what she said offended the “masked passengers” and “the president,” mocking them.

She claimed that the United States was turning into China, begging passengers to try and see her side of the situation, asking “Do you guys see what’s happening in America?”

She expressed her love and admiration for Elon Musk at one point, calling him “the f*****g king” and prompting the man behind her in the video to start laughing.

The only times the husband really gets involved is to say some slurs that get bleeped out.

At one point, while speaking to a crew member, he says that he knows his rights because he was a retired FBI agent.

During another instance, he looked over at the man in the black mask and told him that he had more money than him, prompting no response.

Unsurprisingly, no one on the plane supported the obscenities that they were yelling.

More towards the end, the wife says that she really believes they’re being kicked off the plane because they are Trump supporters, causing the rest of the plane passengers to grunt and one person to say “Don’t do that.”

When she promised to sue JetBlue and the passengers in her row, people can be heard laughing off her idle threats.

An anonymous user then reposted the incident that followed on Vimeo, where the wife was booed after being deplaned outside of the gate.

Many people on Reddit called for them to be placed on the no-fly list.

Airlines are private businesses, which means they reserve the right to kick passengers off of planes for any reason that doesn’t fall under discriminatory reasons.

A couple yelling homophobic and racial slurs, insulting passengers, and causing a disturbance is plenty of reason enough to have them deplaned and banned from future flights.

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