Woman Criticized For Bashing 'Chinese' Nail Techs Who Don't Make Customers Feel 'Special' Enough

She thinks they should do better.

Kelsey Rhae kelseyrhae / TikTok.com

After a TikTok rant, a woman named Kelsey Rhae is now facing some backlash for her hot take against nail techs. 

When you go for a visit to the nail salon, most people expect a nice, relaxing experience that reflects the price — that's not what Rhae allegedly got.

Kelsey Rhae bashed the 'Chinese' nail technicians that didn't make her feel 'special.'

Kelsey Rhae posted under her TikTok account, "@kelseyrhae," about her most recent nail salon experience.


“You are not supposed to leave the nail salon in pain or pissed off,” she says at the beginning of the video.

She then goes on to say the point of a salon experience is to feel pampered and relaxed but “some of these Chinese women just don’t get it.”



“They’re more worried about checking people off the list than actually putting in the quality time, meaning how many people can they get within the hour rather than focusing on the quality of the person sitting in your chair,” she said.


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The TikTok was reposted to Reddit where Kelsey Rhae was slammed for what she said.

The video was uploaded to the subreddit, "r/tiktokgossip." Users underneath the video were quick to call out her racist remarks — one user even made a list of their qualms with the video.

“Nail techs largely aren't f--king Chinese. It is majority Vietnamese,” the user said.

The user also pointed out that “it is 100% quantity over quality because most nail salons are quick in and out places. They are priced low because of it,” adding that if she wants a better customer service experience she should go to a higher-end salon.


Another user pointed out that she didn’t need to bring race into the conversation, saying, “It would’ve been so easy for her to just say ‘nail techs.’”

“Manicuring and nail design is highly technical work and requires a legal state-regulated license. The flip side of this is that many nail places operate under someone’s license and some of these poor nail techs are basically indentured servants, coming here for a better life."

"She has zero idea about the life experiences of these people and how little some of them are paid to deal with her dumb a--,” another user commented. 

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Some people, however, agreed with Kelsey Rhae.

When looking at the comments under the original video, it seemed like plenty of users agreed with her. 

“So true! That’s why I’d not go anymore. I'm so pissed every time I go,” one user commented. 

“Omg, I swear I thought I was the only one that felt this way,” another user commented.


Rhae has yet to comment on the backlash. 

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