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Married Couple’s Controversial Rule About Having Friends Of The Opposite Gender Sparks Debate

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Jaden, Andy

It’s important to establish a set of rules to make any marriage work. But one couple’s marriage rules seem to be a little bit suspicious. 

Now, their catching a lot of flak from viewers who aren't convinced their marriage is built on a strong foundation.

The couple showcased their controversial marriage rules in a video on TikTok. 

On their joint couple’s page, Jaden and Andy shared a video highlighting just some of the rules that the two have to help their marriage. 

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First and foremost, they share their live location with each other 24/7. 

Second, they share all their passwords with each other and “have no secrets.”

Having someone's location can be an important safety measure but some viewers worried these two rules were depriving each other of privacy in the relationship.

While the above-mentioned rules weren’t inherently bad to most people, the last rule left many side-eyeing the two — they don’t hang out with anybody of the opposite gender alone. 

Many users in the comments were left with lots of questions. 

“Why the last one if y'all trust each other so much?” one user asked. 

Others threw some shade in their comments. 

“We trust each other so we don't have rules for behavior like we're children, wouldn't have gotten married otherwise,” a user said. 

Another user said the first two made complete sense for safety reasons but, “the rest just means you don't trust yourself or each other, which can make sense if you were married. I wish you both luck.”

However, they also had some people in their corner supporting them on the rules. 

“Why are these considered controversial? My hubby and I are the exact same way and it's because we have total trust and respect for each other,” one woman shared. 

In a separate video posted to their account, the couple seemingly made fun of some of the comments. 

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“Andy is not allowed to make any decisions himself,” the caption read, referring to the boyfriend. “That’s why I forced him to propose and marry me.”

It’s true that if Andy felt any need to go against the rule, he should be able to do so and nobody is forcing the other to participate in the rules but, why highlight these rules in the first place?  

“I’m so confused why people assume one of y’all made these rules and is forcing them on the other,” one viewer wrote. 

To help clarify a few things, the couple shared another follow-up video explaining that they are Christian with rules that work for their religious beliefs. They are also still newlyweds, only getting married last summer. 

While having rules and boundaries are important in a relationship, many are asking why they feel the need to limit who the other hangs out with. 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with hanging out with somebody of the opposite gender and if they have to put a limit on it, maybe they don’t trust each other as much as they say they do.

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