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Black Influencer Infiltrates 'White Lives Matter' Facebook Group To Expose Racism

Photo: TikTok/auntkaren0
Influencer Denise Bradley Is Exposing Racism in Facebook Groups

TikToker Denise Bradley who goes by the name of “Aunt Karen” is infiltrating ‘White Lives Matter’ and other white supremacy Facebook groups to expose racist messaging and get them taken down. 

In a video posted on October 9th, the influencer explains she joined a Facebook group entitled ‘White Lives Matter 2.0’ and includes several screenshots of photos and comments from the racist group.

Among them was a comment which said, “As soon as I find out info on a company (or anything) that is ‘black only’ I immediately boycott it. It’s pure racism and discrimination.” The video has since garnered over 200,000 views. 

Bradley said in another TikTok, “we have to take this group down.” 

'Aunt Karen's' TikTok is dedicated to calling out racism.

“The important part is to dismantle the group. My goal is that the public will take notice and Facebook will remove the group as well,” she said to the Daily Dot. 

Facebook had removed the group on October 26 due to the violation of community standards. However, there are still several anti-Black racist groups that spew dangerous messaging. Bradley says she is currently in various ‘white lives matter’ groups under different names. 

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Bradley currently has 1.4 million followers on TikTok and continues to use her platform to identify companies and individuals who engage in discriminatory behavior. 

Bradley posts their names and info in order to demand accountability. For example, Bradley posts a series of videos titled ‘Racist of the Day’.

In one of her more recent videos, she posted a side by side video of a woman yelling next to the woman’s professional headshot.

The woman can be heard yelling ‘my white neighbors, my Asian neighbors, and my other neighbors, Indian neighbors don’t play their music so loud that I can’t sleep, only y’all do it.”

When the person recording the encounter asks “whose y’all” she replies “Black people.” Bradley then shows the woman’s name and office in Maryland. The woman identified is surprisingly a marriage or relationship counselor.

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“It’s everyone who’s driving the bus,” she told BuzzFeed News. “If we’re exposing a company or person at a company — it’s not just my voice, it’s every single person that wants to call, wants to email as well.” 

The TikToker’s name “Aunt Karen” came after she received criticism on a video she posted where she can be seen confronting a young man who is trying to remove a Biden campaign sign. The video went viral and many left comments calling her a “Karen”. 

Karen is often used to describe entitled white women who police other’s behaviors and is usually rooted in racism. 

Bradley then changed her TikTok handle to @auntkaren0 and uses her voice to call out racial injustice. 

However, some of the members of the ‘white lives matter’ group have tagged her in their posts and are trying to get her information to be shared. According to Bradley someone has threatened to sue her and she has been included in a pro-nazi meme. 

Even so, Bradley is not discouraged. 

“If anything I do can help take another step towards the end of racism, I’m going to do it,” she told Daily Dot. 

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