Teen Mom Refuses To Miss Out On College Years — So She Takes Her Baby To Parties With Her

Many expressed concern for the baby's well-being.

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After a young woman became pregnant during one of the most pivotal times of her life, she decided not to let being a mother hold her back. Instead, she takes her baby along on all of her adventures with her.

The mother shares video clips of herself on TikTok making the most of her college years with her mini-best friend by her side. However, some people are not entirely sure that it's appropriate to include a baby in all of the events that are a part of the college experience. 


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The teenage mother takes her baby to college parties alongside her friends. 

Chlo became pregnant with her son, Wren, when she was 19 years old and just starting college. Despite fears of balancing motherhood and school, she took on the role with confidence and is giving her little boy the best life possible, even if it means introducing him to college a little earlier than he expected. 



Chlo and her friends include Wren in all of their activities, including the party scene. In a TikTok video that has been viewed 4 million times, the young mom shares a clip depicting herself, her friends, and baby Wren all dancing together, with Chlo and Wren wearing sunglasses and vibing along to the music. 


“POV: you had your baby at uni so now he’s just part of the sesh,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video. “Mans been to uni already and he’s not even 2 yet,” she added in the caption. 



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Some TikTok users were all for Chlo partying with her baby. “Baby’s first rave!” one user commented. “That baby’s got a better social life than me!” another wrote. “He’s gonna grow up to be the most extroverted!” a third user shared. 


Some were concerned about the young mother bringing her baby along to events, claiming that college parties are an inappropriate setting for young children. 

“Please tell me that this is a joke,” one user commented. “If you care about your son’s future get his hearing checked. He's going to lose his hearing from all that loud music,” another user wrote. 

chlo and wren college mom takes kid to partiesPhoto: TikTok

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Other users believe that Chlo should have been more cautious about preventing pregnancy when she was just a teenager so that she wouldn’t have to take her baby along with her everywhere. “Maybe use protection and it wouldn’t have happened,” one person pointed out. 

Chlo responded in a follow-up video, telling others to leave their opinions about her life choices at the door. 



For those curious about whether or not her son’s father is still in the picture, Chlo claims that he is, but refrains from having an online presence. “He has asked for me to keep him out of my online presence which I am of course very respectful of,” she shares. 


While the two are no longer together, she adds that he is a good father to their baby. “We are co-parenting and baby does have an amazing Daddy :).” 

Despite the critics, it appears that Chlo and Wren will continue being the life of the party and make the most of their time attending university.

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