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Stepmom Blows Out Stepdaughter's Birthday Candles Before She Has A Chance To Make A Wish

Photo: TikTok
Mandy on TikTok

Stepparents and their stepchildren experiencing conflict is an entirely normal part of the process of blending families. When someone’s parent gets remarried, there will be an inevitable adjustment period for everyone involved.

One young woman captured such tension between herself and her stepmother on camera and got lots of online attention after posting the video.

In August 2021, Mandy posted a TikTok titled, “Thinking about how my stepmom blew MY birthday candles out yesterday.”

The birthday girl could be seen on camera, smiling, her eyes shining with excitement as she looked at the cake in front of her. Mandy sat next to her stepmom, laughing when the person beside her pretended to take a forkful of cake.

Photo: TikTok

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The candles on the cake were lit, their flames flickering. Mandy seemed delighted by the cake before her, and the family she had around her. Yet when Mandy looked away, her stepmom, who was off-camera, blew the candles out. 

Mandy’s face fell as she realized her stepmom blew out her birthday candles.

She appeared crestfallen, turning to look at her stepmom with an incredulous expression on her face. The video cut off after the candles were blown out, so there’s no way to know what Mandy said after her stepmom stole her special moment. 

Photo: TikTok

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Mandy posted the video of her stepmom blowing out her birthday candles just one day after the incident occurred. It's safe to assume that she felt hurt by her stepmother's actions and wanted some kind of accountability for her behavior. The TikTok went viral, highlighting just how many people felt moved by Mandy's apparent disappointment. 



One of Mandy’s followers commented, “When’s her birthday? Just need to know how long I’ll be waiting for the video of you blowing out her candles.”

Yet the majority of the comments asked for clarification on what Mandy said or did after her stepmother blew out her candles. Mandy declined to tell her followers what happened after, but it’s clear from her body language that she felt hurt, shocked, and utterly disappointed. 

Two years have passed since Mandy posted the video of her stepmom blowing out her birthday candles. It could have been a joke gone wrong, or an impulsive decision on the stepmother’s part. It could have been emblematic of other underlying difficulties that plagued their relationship.

No one outside of Mandy’s family can really know the intricacies of their dynamics. The only thing that outside viewers can do is hope that Mandy and her stepmom were able to resolve their conflict and that Mandy has many more birthday celebrations where she gets to make joyful wishes for the future, on her own timing and terms. 

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