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Mom Refuses To Give Christmas Gift To Son Who Spent $500 Of Her Money On Online Gaming Without Permission

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A user on Reddit by the name of u/The-Expert-Is-Here made a post on the subreddit called “TrueOffMyChest” where people go to share confessions and speak their minds.

One particular post in the subreddit has stirred quite the conversation in the run up to the holidays. 

The post was titled “I’m not getting my kid anything for Christmas,” and talked about how she wasn’t going to get her 15-year-old son anything for Christmas as “payment” for spending $500 dollars from her account without her permission on Fortnite skins.

The mom wondered if she was harsh for not giving her son Christmas presents as a punishment.

When you barely scratch the surface of the issue, it looks like the mom might be a little mean. I mean, he didn’t mean to do it right? If it was just an accident, call the Fortnite people or your bank or Xbox and get a refund, but it gets worse than that.

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The original post was just that — she wasn’t getting a gift for him because he spent $500 on Fortnite skins, but when she updated it and started answering people’s questions on the post, the answer became clear to other Reddit users that she may be the one at fault. Soon, her parenting was being criticized.

They’re a family with four kids and the father is fairly “hands-off” according to her, which means she has her hands full trying to raise four kids.

She expressed that she felt bad for not buying him presents since the other four children were going to be receiving gifts, but people who responded shared that she might not be harsh enough.

“Judging from OP’s responses…I’m not shocked your kid is acting like an entitled brat,” said one of the replies about the mother, referring to her as (OP) or the original poster. “He only ‘accepts’ certain brand name gifts? He repeatedly steals your stuff without consequences? You can’t raise him with that mindset and defend his actions and then wonder why he acts the way he does.”

She mentioned multiple times in the replies that he didn’t do this as an accident but actually did it to see how far he could take it.

“This particular kid spoiled and entitled, exactly why I’m ranting about him, but the others are cool, so a C average isn’t bad, right?” she replied to a comment.

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They told their son that he wouldn’t be receiving any gifts for Christmas but he doesn’t believe them and thinks they’ll “cave.”

“He has been told not to expect presents from us on Christmas. He thinks we’re just threatening that, because we are kind of pushovers,” she admitted.

People started getting blunter and blunter with her, asking that she wake up and start parenting because her son is walking all over her, according to them.

“Reading your replies it’s no wonder that your kid walks all over you. Hate to sound rude but I think you need the wake-up call to be honest,” said another comment.

“Are you their friend? No, so stop acting like it. Your emotionally and mentally weak disposition is teaching your 15 year old that he runs that household. He knows it too, hence the lack of respect and challenging attitude towards you both.”

There’s a resounding consensus that the mother needs to stick to her guns and teach her son to respect them.

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