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Single Mom's Bank Account Drained After Son Spends $897 On Roblox

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Raising kids comes with its fair share of challenges, including how to monitor kids’ use of technology. Kayla Howard, a single mother from Florida, is learning just how much technology can impact the household.

Howard works two jobs to support her four kids, noting to reporters that “it’s been a struggle” to stay afloat.

The challenges of raising kids on her own are often tempered by technology, during the times when her kids play on their tablets to give Howard a break.

Her kids’ favorite game is Roblox, a popular online platform where users can develop and play games. Users can even pay to upgrade their characters or buy more games.

Howard commented that she’s embedded Roblox as part of her kids’ chore system, “that’s how important Roblox is in our home.”

But the fun and games have become a source of financial strain for Howard and her family.

Howard’s bank called while her 7-year-old son was playing on his tablet to inform her that charges totaling $897 were made to Roblox. 

Howard explained that her son has autism, and his diagnosis makes it “hard for him to recognize the consequences of his actions.”

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Her bank account was overdrafted due to the charges. 

All of the money she’d saved for rent, gifts, and decorations was gone in one click.

Howard told the local news channel “I’m trying my best to not cry and not stress out about it. I’m trying to be as solutions-focused as I can.”

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She contacted GooglePlay and Roblox about the unauthorized charges.

GooglePlay refunded her only $10. 

She’s still waiting to hear back from Roblox about her claim.

A Roblox spokesperson commented that claims made about unauthorized purchases are evaluated and refunded on a case-by-case basis. 

Howard hopes her case will be evaluated soon, and that the money she lost will be returned to her account. 

“Just a refund would be awesome,” Howard noted, somehow still smiling through the holiday stress.

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