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See One Mom's Stunning Transformation After Beating Meth And Heroin Addictions

Photo: Arizona DOC
dejah hall heroin addict

Addiction to hard drugs like heroin and meth is becoming extremely common in America — more so every year.

Just in the past five years, several people I knew or worked with died from an overdose. While I thought it seemed like just a coincidence, it turns out that this is happening all over the country.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, millions of Americans fought with drug abuse just during the year 2019. The numbers are staggering and the odds are looking dim.

However, in 2017, one 26-year-old mom from Arizona bravely told the world about her addiction as well as her journey to sobriety.

Four years after beating her addiction to meth and heroin, Dejah Hall posted an inspiring Facebook photo that went viral.

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“Today marks 4 years clean from heroin and meth... The top left is me in full blown addiction,” she wrote. “I was a terrible IV user and like most, progressively got worse. The bottom left is me the day I was arrested 12/6/12 and coincidentally the day I finally surrendered to God!”

As the world grew more curious to hear her story, Hall was interviewed by multiple media outlets.

In an interview at the time, she said, “My grandfather was sitting in his wheelchair, and he looked at me and said, ‘You’re hurting me, Dejah.’ I went to the bathroom, and I looked at myself and I really looked at who I had become. This disgusting person who needed to continue to stick these drugs in their veins because I couldn’t function."

It wasn’t long after that she promised to clean up her act after she was arrested on felony drug charges. While she stated that she could still get drugs in jail, Hall decided to quit cold turkey and never look back.

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After she got out of jail, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree to become a prison minister and has also become a mom to two children.

She claims to have undergone both a physical and spiritual transformation and found God while in prison.

When speaking out, Hall said, "I was an atheist before coming to Christ... I knew that only supernatural power would pull me from the imminent hell that was approaching. Religion has not saved me, my relationship with Jesus Christ has saved me and that is the most important thing in all of this.”

Since her post went viral, Hall received a whole whirlwind of both negative and positive comments. While the negative ones caused her some emotional pain, Hall knows that it was worth it since she has been able to inspire others.

When asked about the advice she would give to others who are trying to kick addiction, she said, “Ask for help, go to church, confront your demons one by one, get to a Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, get a sponsor, work your steps, and never give up on yourself. Forgiveness of ourselves is essential in our recovery process.” 

Hall’s recovery has been absolutely astonishing and her before/after drugs pictures are almost unrecognizable.

Sobriety and recovery from drug addiction are possible, and Dejah Hall wants everyone who is struggling with drug addiction to know that there is hope. 

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Shannon Ullman is a writer who focuses on travel and adventure, women's health, pop culture, and relationships. Her work has appeared in Huffington Post, MSN, and Matador Network.

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in March 2017 and was updated with the latest information.​