Dad Says His Wife Has Been A Lot Nicer To Him Since Getting Pregnant After His Vasectomy—People Are Suggesting He Get A DNA Test

Something strange is definitely going on, and people on TikTok think they know the answer.

Screenshots from TikToker's story about vasectomy failure TikTok

There are lots of methods of birth control, and while some of them come really, really close, none of them are a 100% slam dunk when it comes to preventing pregnancies. Pretty close, maybe, but not 100. 

But out of all the potential choices, from condoms to the pill to an IUD and everything in between, one method stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to reliability — the vasectomy. That is not the experience, however, one man on TikTok has had — or at least, so he says.


A man on TikTok says his wife got pregnant more than a year after he got a vasectomy.

Vasectomy, a surgical procedure that cuts off the supply of sperm in a man's reproductive system, is as close to 100% effective as birth control gets, besides abstinence of course — vasectomies are 99.99% effective according to the Cleveland Clinic. That means there's a 1 in 10,000 chance of vasectomy failure — compared to 1 in 100 for condoms. 

So imagine TikToker Michael McGlothen's, @blveprint, surprise when his wife ended up pregnant more than a year after he'd gotten the procedure — in total secrecy.


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In a video showing off his newborn baby girl Callie last year, McGlothen joked that his form of "self-care" is swabbing Callie's mouth for DNA tests to make sure he's actually her dad. His whole story seems like it's probably an elaborate joke, but that hasn't stopped people from taking it seriously and warning him to get tested ASAP.

The man says his wife doesn't even know he's had a vasectomy and he's still not sure he's his baby's father.


In a recent post with his adorable baby girl, McGlothen claimed that he still hasn't told his wife he had a vasectomy "two years" ago, and implied that he thinks his wife has been cheating on him all along.

"Callie is 6 months old and I still haven't told my wife I got that vasectomy 2 years ago but on a brighter note my wife hasn't told me no or had an attitude since she got pregnant," he wrote in the onscreen text. 

It's certainly possible that his vasectomy just failed, especially since vasectomies are not effective for a period of usually around three months after the procedure, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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The deeper you go into the man's story, the more it seems like it's all just an elaborate joke about vasectomy failure.

I'll admit, I've watched several of the guy's TikToks and I'm not even sure if he's had a vasectomy or not because his story has become hilariously convoluted. For instance, he says it's not just his wife that got pregnant after his vasectomy, it's also his "mistress" and his "side chick" — and now, as he posted in another video, he's stuck "building 3 new baby cribs in 3 different houses" after paying "$4000" for a vasectomy.



Life sure comes at you fast, as the saying goes! McGlothen has really run with the joke — his TikToks have become a full-on saga, with Callie as his costar, in which his previous suspicions of vasectomy failure have now turned into suspicions of cheating on the part of not only his wife, but also his mistress and "side chick." Poor baby Callie doesn't need all this drama!




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Many people on TikTok seem not to have caught on to the joke, and think the man needs to get a DNA test ASAP.

Given how often people do get pregnant after vasectomies due to the lag period in efficacy after the surgery, it's not surprising that many people take McGlothen's videos seriously, at first anyway. "Well I got pregnant after my husband's vasectomy," one woman commented. "Umm you should know to get checked out to make sure your swimmers aren't swimming because it happens," another commenter wrote.

Others praised McGlothen for staying with Callie even though all the signs in the story indicate she's not his. "You’re a good d--n man to stay. I applaud you fr," one woman wrote. "Regardless it ain't bout anybody else n it's all bout that sweet baby," another person commented. "Glad somebody stepped up regardless."


But lots of people thought McGlothen needed a DNA test, even if for no other reason than to ensure that his vasectomy was actually working. "You could still get her pregnant if you didn’t go to your regular checkups," one user wrote, "if in doubt do DNA." Another cautioned that the procedures "don't always work!" and urged him that "DNA will tell" if vasectomy failure is the reason Callie came into the world. 

Amidst all this silliness, though, one thing is for sure, vasectomy failure or not — McGlothen is in love with his baby girl Callie, and she seems to love being his comedic sidekick. Who needs a DNA test when a duo's this perfect? 



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