Woman Sues Psychics Who Swindled Her Out Of $160,000 To Rid Her Of ‘Jezebel Spirit’ & 'Reunite With Her Ex'

The requested Disney gift cards to help her reclaim her childhood.

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An upstate New York woman is taking legal action against a pair of psychics who allegedly scammed her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The plaintiff claims that she paid a mother and daughter psychic duo $160,000 after they promised to kill an “unholy sexual spirit” living in her pelvic area and reunite her with an ex-boyfriend.

The lawsuit claims the psychics “took advantage” of the woman’s “heartbroken” and “depressed, impressionable state” to swindle her out of her money.


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The woman’s name is withheld in the lawsuit filed against Honeybee Green and Megan Green in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday because she is also a sexual abuse victim.

The psychics allegedly convinced the woman to spend $160,000 to free her of a ‘Jezebel Spirt.’

The woman claims she first visited Readings by Honeybee in the East Village on October 28 and asked for a tarot card reading. 

After completing the $50 reading, Megan Green allegedly convinced the woman to stay at the shop for an “overnight meditative reading” which cost another $200.


The next day, the psychics allegedly told the woman about a “Jezebel Spirit” that had cursed her and would ruin her future romantic prospects if they did not rid her of it.

The court documents that the woman felt “fearful for her own mental and physical well-being” after the reading.

The woman was allegedly coerced into buying ‘healing services.’

For the next three months, costly payments were sent to the Greens in stages.

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$2,700 was paid on Nov. 9, then another $2,000 on Nov. 12 and $500 more on both Nov. 16 and 20, the lawsuit claims.


Next, they allegedly convinced the woman that “spirit was getting stronger” and she would have to transfer $27,000 — because she was 27-years-old.

The psychics reportedly offered to reunite the woman with her ex for $120,000.

The money was to be used for spiritual materials including “‘gold Buddha of plaintiff’ to act as a ‘spiritual armor,'” the court documents allege.

The woman eventually became suspicious of the mother and daughter after the requested $4,000 worth of Disney gift cards which, the suit claims, they told her would be melted down into a special potion that would help her to reclaim her childhood.

When she confronted the women, Megan and Honeybee Green allegedly offered to return just $80,000 of the $160,000.


The Disney gift cards were returned. 

The plaintiff is suing for unspecified damages on fraud, deceptive practices, and related claims.

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