Never-Before-Seen Video Of 9/11 Attacks Prompts Questions About The Timing Of Its Release During Ukraine Invasion

A horrifying window back to when the world changed forever.

Image of the attack on the South Tower Youtube

The current geopolitical landscape can generously be described as a hot mess. Not only has the Kremlin initiated an unjustified invasion of Ukraine but now the nuclear card is on the table in a way that it hasn’t been in decades.

All eyes are on Ukraine so some conspiracy theorists are wondering if a recently revealed, previously unknown video showing an angle of the 9/11 attacks might have an ulterior motive.


A never-before-seen video showing an alternate angle of the 9/11 attacks has been released.

The video shows the moment that the second plane struck the South Tower.

In the shocking video uploaded to Kevin Westley’s Youtube channel, Westley and many others can be heard exclaiming at the horror of the first plane crash.


At the time New Yorkers would have had no idea what was going on or what was to come and it was still a total unknown whether or not the strikes were intentional. Westley’s video captures the panic and horror that ensued when the second plane crashed into the South Tower.

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Westley can be heard repeatedly exclaiming, “oh my lord” in the video while others ask, “what’s going on?” curse and cry and scream in the confused terror of the moment.

Westley can also be heard saying, “It was a United airplane that just crashed right into it.” to which another bystander responds, “that wasn’t a crash, that was- that was a dead-on kill” and another person can be heard exclaiming, “he did it on purpose!”


The video is a window back into the changing of an era.

The September 11 attacks changed everything. If the calendar were rewritten, then 2001 would become the new year 0.

The sense of awe and terror is well communicated by the panicked conversation of Westley’s fellow bystanders, who did not know initially that the strikes were accidents. Following the second strike, the reality of the situation slowly dawned on the crowd. The strikes were intentional and they were under attack.

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Much of the panic following the strikes no doubt was predicated on the fact that they couldn’t know at the time if the second plane was the end of it.


For all that the New Yorkers knew, their could be one, two, three any number more planes headed directly for the city. It may seem unthinkable, but New Yorkers were already watching the unthinkable unfold in front of their very eyes.

No doubt that sense of paranoia would have only been reinforced by news of a further attack on the Pentagon and the attempted attack on Washington D.C.

The release of the video has conspiracy theorists speculating.

The video comes at a strange time as the war in Ukraine rages on and this has some conspiracy theorists spinning tales that it might have been released with some sort of objective.

Currently, the questions around the video seem to need some fleshing out so it remains to be seen how exactly Westley’s video will be enshrined in theorists’ 9/11 conspiracy corkboard.


Comments flooded social media posts of the video about why it is only being released now and some pointed out that the timing of the release coincides with the Russian invasion and the State of the Union address.

The explanation for the delayed release may be as simple as the truth because Westley states in the description for the video that he originally uploaded the video in the 2000s but had it set to private by accident.

Online, people have questioned whether this was an accident but many of the theorists have failed to give an accurate explanation as to why someone would deliberately keep the video hidden.


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