Mom Criticized For Stocking A Mini Fridge Of Snacks For Her Daughter's Boyfriend To Have In Her Room But Only Giving Water To Her Kid

The seemingly innocuous video has left viewers outraged at the choice of snacks and the mom's decision to feed her daughter's boyfriend.

mom stocking daughter's mini fridge with lunchables TikTok

Nebraska mom Lindsey Noden was surprised at the negative feedback she received on one of her TikTok posts, in which she stocks her daughter’s mini fridge. 

The mom of a teenager filmed herself cleaning out the fridge and filling it with food and water, captioning her post, "Teenagers need food."

The mom stocked the fridge full of snacks for her daughter’s boyfriend to have when he comes over.

Lindsey took her followers through her fridge-stocking process, in which she first cleans out the mini fridge that lives in her daughter’s room, commenting that her teenage daughter’s fridge is “so gross” while she sprays and wipes the interior down.


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“She always has her boyfriend over and he’s always so hungry, and she never, ever thinks about feeding him,” Lindsey narrated her post.


Out of the many negative comments Lindsey received for her post, the majority criticized the kind of food she left for her daughter’s boyfriend, and not the fact that she’s seemingly coddling a teenager who could obtain his own food if he’s really that hungry.

The very caring mom gave her daughter’s boyfriend many different flavors of Chobani yogurt, including cheesecake and peanut butter cup, because “he loves Chobani Flips.” She left her daughter cans of Bubbl’r, which advertises itself as “an antioxidant sparkling water drink that boosts, energizes, and restores balance.”

One person acknowledged in the comments that Lindsey was giving her daughter’s boyfriend food and providing water for her daughter. Of course, any logical person could assume that Lindsey's daughter is also more than welcome to have any of the many snacks in her fridge but TikTok users were hellbent on shaming the mom.

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Lindsey's many detractors criticized her for giving her daughter’s boyfriend Lunchables as a snack and only offering her daughter flavored waters.

“He loves Lunchables, that’s his favorite thing,” Lindsey explained while putting turkey and ham Lunchables into the fridge.“Is he 11?” Asked one person in the comments.

“People are really acting like Lunchables are for kids only,” said an apparent Lunchables supporter.

“Why are people not allowed to like Lunchables?” asked someone confused about the heightened level of Lunchables discourse.

Lindsey is, at the least, aware of the inherently funny aspects of her viral mini-fridge moment, which garnered 2.7 million likes and over 10,000 comments. Her TikTok bio states she’s a “mom who stocks fridges,” which shows she has a sense of humor about the whole Lunchables ordeal.


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