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Mom Films Herself Faking A Headache To See How Her Children Will React & Their Responses Are Unexpected

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mom faking headache

While it's usually children who try and fake sick to gain sympathetic reactions from their parents, one mom decided to flip the script and pull the opposite on her children.

In a viral TikTok video, a mom-of-four, who runs the account FamilyTok where she and her family make content for their followers, decided to pull a bit of a harmless prank on her children, and their reactions were incredibly heartwarming.

A mom-of-four filmed herself faking a headache to see how her children will react.

In the video, the mom sets up her camera to capture her laying on the couch while her hand is splayed across her forehead in a manner that shows she's not feeling well. In overlay text, she wrote, "My kids' reaction to me having a headache."

Her firstborn son, who appears to be college-aged, walks into the living room and immediately notices his mom laying down. "What happened?" he asked her while laughing. When she responds that it's nothing, she just has a headache, he starts to lie on top of her.

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"You're on top of me," she complains, attempting to push him off of her. After hearing that she's tired, he tells her to go upstairs and he'll watch Danny, his youngest brother, for her while she catches up on some sleep.

Later on, her second eldest son walks into the room. Quietly, he briefly glances at his mom on the couch, seemingly thinking she's asleep with her forearm covering her face. Without saying anything, he walks over and switches off the light in the living room. After turning the light off, he walks back out of the room so as to not disturb his mom.

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In the next clip, the mom's only daughter, who looks to be around six or seven, bounds into the room. "What happened, Mom? You okay?" the young girl asked. 

When her mom says she's fine, her daughter proceeds to hilariously ask if she wants to go to Starbucks. When she agrees, the little girl happily skips out of the room, saying on her way out that she'll be getting a "chocolate cake pop."

And finally, her youngest son, who appears to be a toddler, walks over to his mom in the last clip. He climbs atop her, placing a kiss on her lips before asking his mom if she's okay. When she tells him that she is, he climbs off of her and bounds off camera.

However, he's quickly called back by his mom, who holds out her arms for him to give her a hug, which he happily accepts as she snuggles into her chest.

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In the comments section, people gushed at her children's sweet reactions.

The mom's video garnered a slew of reactions from viewers, who found the children's reactions both funny and heartwarming.

"This literally made me cry, the second one. His act of love is so pure and in his own way. Your kids are awesome," one TikTok user wrote. Another user added, "Can we talk about how well she has raised all four of her babies? This is the sweetest video! They all cared."

A third user pointed out that all four of her children have different love languages based on how they responded. They wrote that the first son is physical touch, the second eldest son is acts of service, the daughter is quality time, and the youngest son is gift-giving in the form of a kiss.

In the caption of the video, the mom praised her own children's reactions, writing, "My sweet babies are perfect in their own way, and I'm so grateful for their love."

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