Man Hears A Hard Truth After He Posts A Video Of His Reaction If His Kid Told Him 'I Think I'm A Girl'

'Here’s a play by play on what's gonna go down for the next 20 years.’

John McEntee TikTok video about a child questioning their gender TikTok

Gender is a buzzword right now. For years, transgender people and our rights have been pushed aside and mocked, but now more than ever, some parents are falling into the fear of trans “ideology” being marketed to their children.

The fear of indoctrination has spread like a wildfire, with authorities and lawmakers adding fuel to the panic, and in response to that, some people have begun to share their theoretical responses to these situations, if they arise.


One such person shared a “right stuff parenting tip” on the subject, only to hear a shocking truth in response. 

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A man shared how he would respond if his kid questioned their gender.

John McEntee is a political advisor who served as Director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office in the Trump Administration — so you can guess where this is going. He is also a co-founder of a dating app for conservatives. And, most importantly, he is not a father so when it comes to advice on raising and supporting happy, self-assured children, he's not the best source for information.


He took to TikTok to share his response to “how to properly handle” their child learning about gender in Pre-K, and claiming to be a different gender identity. He addressed the question: What should you say if your child who was assigned male at birth says “I think I’m a girl”? His answer is simple. Tell him: “Well, you’re not. Shut up and eat your donut.”

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Needless to say, the video has sparked outrage from those who know that transgender and non-binary youths are facing extremely trying times and need all the support they can get, especially from their parents.


The video was then stitched by another TikTok user named Joey, who had some tough news for this tip. “I'm a mystical being that can tell the future,” Joey said. “I'm gonna give you a play-by-play on what's gonna go down for the next 20 years.”

“That’s gonna keep happening,” he explained and pointed out that because of his reaction, the dad will also likely be sure to tamp down on any potential gender nonconformity his son may show, going so far as to deny him pink-colored toys, or the like.

Joey explained how this man's refusal to engage in conversation with his child about gender, or consider the possibility of changing identity can lead to the dad enforcing gender stereotypes onto his child, and being angry when the kid goes off the supposed script.



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“One day you're going to catch him wearing, like, a crop top, and you're going to kick his ass. Because these are the types of people that physically abuse their kids when they do something wrong.” He shared grimly.

“Now, you don't know it yet, but you lost him forever. Forever. He's gone,” Joey warned.

Joey’s theory isn’t far off from the truth. According to a nationwide study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2021, 73% of trans adolescents reported having experienced psychological abuse, 39% reported physical abuse, and 19% reported sexual abuse. Once kids are abused by their parents for behaving “differently”, that relationship will be forever damaged.

Joey carries on with his story and describes how, as this man’s son grows, he’ll get a taste of freedom, and be able to try different things without fear of punishment or ridicule.


“I wouldn't be surprised if she fully transitioned by 20,” he said and then dropped the real truth bomb.

“In that time, you're going to talk less and less and less and less. You're not going to know who she's in a relationship with, if she's getting married, her first house, what state she lives in. She's never, ever going to show you her kids. Never. You're never going to meet your grandkids, and you're not going to know why.”

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The haunting message that a single conversation like this could spiral into an entire life of estrangement left a deep impact on viewers.

One user commented: “This is near exactly what happened to me. My dad almost kicked me out for buying a pink blanket lmao.” Another agreed, saying “This is EXACTLY what I went through word for word.”


The refusal to engage with a child’s self-discovery, telling them to “shut up” when sharing a new, interesting piece of information with a parent, is just the first step down a long path of a curious child trying to learn more about the world, and being faced with hostility without ever truly understanding why.

When kids have questions about the world around them and their place in it, it is important to treat their curiosity with kindness. Even if a child doesn’t grow up to transition, they will still feel immensely more supported and understood by a parent who wants to work through their questions with them, rather than shutting them down and punishing them for bringing it up.

A simple question like: “What would it mean for you to be a girl? Do you want to talk about that with me?” can work wonders.


Joey makes another excellent point also; kids are going to grow up and will get to experiment and try new things regardless of how sheltered they are growing up. Providing a safe space to experiment at home lowers the risk of them doing dangerous things to seek out that freedom later.

As Joey pointed out in his ending statements: “Love is unconditional.” Forcing a child to meet conditional standards in order to be supported and cared for is not love. It’s control.

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