Dad Gets Backlash For Saying He'll Be Returning The Tool Set He Got For His Son After Seeing Him Dance

Normalize having "masculine" and "feminine" interests.

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A father found himself in hot water after sharing a video of his young son dancing at a concert.

What was supposed to be an adorable moment captured was tainted by the words the father chose to accompany his video. 

Many viewers disagreed with the point he was attempting to convey. 

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The father shared that he would be ‘returning the tool set’ he got for his son after recording him singing and dancing at a concert. 

TikTok user @thatonedudejim posted a video of his son, who looks to be around four or five years old, singing and dancing at a concert the two recently attended. 


In the video that has garnered over 5 million views in just one day, the little boy sings his heart out along to the lyrics “No More Sad Songs” by Little Mix and dances enthusiastically with the music beat. 



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He mouths every word and waves his hands in the air, at one point turning to the camera as he dances from side to side with a hand over his heart. 

“I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be returning the tool set I got my son for Christmas,” the man wrote in a textbox over the video, implying that his son appeared to be more interested in stereotypically “feminine” activities like music, dancing, and singing. 

TikTok users were quick to call out the father on his seemingly inappropriate choice of words. 

Many of them pointed out that it was acceptable for his son to enjoy singing, dancing, and tools. 

“He can dance sing and use tools,” one user commented. 


“Or you can keep the toolset and also let him dance and enjoy the music he likes? They don’t need to be mutually exclusive,” another user noted. 

“KEEP THE TOOLS. He can build the set AND perform on it,” another user suggested. 

In the father's defense, he didn't criticize his son's dancing nor did he imply he was going to stifle his interests — if anything, he seemed to embrace his son's preferred form of expression.

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Yet users encouraged the father to avoid placing unnecessary labels on his son. 

“Why does everyone instantly put labels, he is feeling it! That doesn’t make him one way or another!” one user wrote. 


“Can I just ask why is there an assumption? The fact he likes little mixes and dances to enjoy music doesn’t mean anything…..?” another pointed out. 

“WOW, I can't believe in 2023 that someone has written this on such an innocent video. Since when does having a tool set prove anything about someone?” another chimed in. 

Others praised the little boy’s singing and dancing abilities. 

“He’s a performer. The world remembers Queen, Michael Jackson, Elvis…. Never anyone holding a tool,” one user commented. “Don’t dim him, let him shine.” 


Singing and dancing are actually beneficial for developing children, as these skills engage the brain, enhance understanding of language and sound, and allow them to express their emotions and feelings. 

One’s gender does not determine their interests or passions. It is possible to be singing with your whole heart while fixing a tire on your car. 

There is no need to slap “feminine” and “masculine” labels on activities anyone could enjoy participating in. 

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