Man Seeks Advice After He Claims That His Co-Worker 'Picked His Nose' In Front Of Him During A Meeting

He claims he was grossed out.

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We’ve all been guilty of some pretty unhygienic habits in the workplace, whether it be coming into the office without a morning shower or leaving a used tissue on the floor when we miss the trash can. However, how do you handle a situation where a colleague is repeatedly engaging in a gross habit right in front of your eyes? 

That is the question one man is asking himself and others after he claims that a coworker displayed an unsettling and unusual behavior in front of him during a one-on-one meeting. Now, he is wondering if he should confront the coworker about it. 


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The man says that his coworker picked his nose and licked his finger in front of him several times. 

Sharing his story to the subreddit thread, r/work, the unidentified man sought the advice of other Reddiotors after he was left feeling uneasy by the coworker’s mannerisms. He began his post by revealing that the two had a one-on-one meeting together in person and that they would be working closely together in the future. 

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During the meeting, the coworker started to demonstrate some strange and disgusting mannerisms. “While we were looking over the spreadsheets his pinky finger went in and out of his nose, followed by in and out of his mouth,”  the man wrote. He added that it happened several times throughout their meeting. 

“I’m sure it was not a conscious move but I was so grossed out,” he admitted. He then asked other Redditors if he should call out his coworker for picking his nose and licking his finger or if he should just leave the matter alone. 

Some users encouraged the man to ignore the situation and not to bring it up with his coworker. 

“You ignore it and move on with your life,” one user commented. “You do nothing. Not your place,” another user wrote.  

“Ignore it. If you start compiling a list of all your coworkers' gross habits, you will never be able to focus,” another user advised. “I will say, if you ever have to handle items they have touched, or shake their hand, etc. then make a mental note not to touch your face or eyes or anything until you have washed your hands.” 


Others suggested that the man politely approach his coworker. 

“If it happens again and it still grosses you out, then say something. But don’t shame him about it. Like you said, he might not be aware he’s doing it,” one user recommended. 

“I would go get him a tissue—if he looks confused tell him you notice he was fussing with his nose and mouth and don’t want him to get sick,” another user commented. 

While the man’s coworker may be completely oblivious of his habit, it is an easy way to spread germs in the workplace and the situation could result in more hand-sanitizing stations around the office. 


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