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Man Makes Toddler Sign 'Contract' Saying She Won't Have Any Boyfriends Until The Year 2041

Photo: @manelhenr / TikTok.com
Dad, daughter

A man on TikTok recently shared a video showing his toddler daughter "signing" a contract saying she can't have a boyfriend until 2041.

When it comes to a father-daughter relationship, fathers are inherently going to do their very best to protect their princesses, but many are split on whether this is the right way to do it.

TikToker sparks outrage after he makes his daughter sign a fake contract disallowing her from having a boyfriend until 2041.

Recently, a father under the username "@manelhenr" took to TikTok to share a video of him and his daughter at the dining room table.

The video is staged to be like a sports signing but instead of signing a contract on how long she’ll be playing a certain sport, the daughter is signing a "contract" stating that she can’t have a boyfriend till 2041.



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It made rounds on social media, with even ESPN FC commenting underneath the video asking if they could use it on their channels.

Many commenters under the video found the scene to be funny.

“HAHAHAHAHHAHA SO CUTEEE,” one user wrote. 

“I really hope she read the terms and conditions on that contract,” another user said.

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With over 21.5 million views and 23.8 thousand comments, it's safe to say that people had a lot to say.

“She signed...NO WAY Dad,” a third shared. 

“That's unfair she cannot understand the Terms and conditions! Sir, my client is a minor!” one user joked.

Although many of the comments could clearly point out the humor in the situation, many users took offense to the joke.

“I know it's a joke but no one would make his son sign a contract "no girlfriends until 2041" and that kinda pisses me off,” one commenter pointed out.


It’s true that, when parenting, sometimes there can be a double standard when it comes to parenting a daughter versus a son.

Daughters are lectured about covering themselves up and making sure they don’t have boyfriends while sons are high-fived and congratulated if they get a girlfriend.

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"I’ve never seen a man do this with his son, or put restrictions on what age their sons can start dating," wrote another user.

Users quickly defended the father and the joke, claiming that this kind of behavior is "normal" and that fathers are supposed to be protective — others claim that it isn't normal, just normalized.

"It's not being protective. It's being controlling," one user claimed. "We all know what relationships include and dads just don't want their girls involved in that."

"Not really, your daughter isn’t your property," another user wrote. "You don’t own her, and you certainly don’t get to decide when she can or can’t have a boyfriend."

Even if it is just a joke, it could be harmful to perpetuate that kind of stereotype because others will be quick to defend it, and that's when it becomes a problem.

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