Man Laughs While Recording A Guy Clipping 12 Grocery Bags & A Watermelon To Himself Because He Doesn't Own A Car

His method is extremely inventive but should anyone ever have to go to this much effort just to get their groceries?

man clipping groceries to himself and getting on a scooter TikTok

After noticing someone using a unique way to carry his groceries home, a man decided to record the entire thing and the video has since gone viral, with many people praising the shopper for his inventive method to cart home his necessities.

In a TikTok video, Jordan Flom had been sitting in the Walmart parking lot with his mother when they noticed that the man next to them had around 12 bags of groceries but no car to load them into.


A man was filmed clipping grocery bags onto his body before getting on a scooter to go home because he didn't have a car.

The video starts with the unnamed man taking out all of his grocery bags from the car and putting them on the ground. While standing in a parking spot, he only has a scooter with him, and no car to put the bags into.

"There's no way," Flom said, recording the man through his car window, before turning to his mother and asking if she thinks this man is going to try and put the groceries on his Lime scooter.

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The guy then pushes the shopping cart back to where it belongs before jogging back to his groceries. He then pulls out a belt from his backpack, which has hooks on it, and a safety vest with zip ties attached to it.

At that point, Flom and his mother roll down their window to ask if the guy needs any help. He declines, telling them that he does this routine every week and can manage on his own.

"He does this every week. Every week," Flom reiterated to his mom, as the two continue to watch him through the car window. The guy then proceeds to attach all of the grocery bags to the zip ties on his vest and belt, securing them so they don't fall off once he gets on the scooter.


After some more time of Flom recording the man, he notices the camera pointed at him. "I'm just watching. I'm impressed, dude," Flom tells him, rolling down his window to speak to the shopper. "This is incredible."

"Are you going to put that on the internet," the guy asks Flom. "Probably," he replied, before inquiring if he really does this every time he needs to get groceries.

The guy confirms that he does, saying, "If you don't have a car, it works well." Flom seemingly respects that answer, pointing out that the shopper is "paving the way for people without a car."

While the man doesn't provide details on why he doesn't own a car, he may be one of many Americans who cannot afford one, despite needing a vehicle. According to a 2021 survey by Credit Karma, one-third of respondents who do not own cars say they need a car but cannot afford one in today’s market.


45% of survey respondents who don’t have cars reported that not owning a car was holding them back from making financial progress due to their difficult commute to work. 12% say owning a car is too big of a financial obligation. 

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The shopper then asks for help clipping the rest of his groceries.

He walks up to Flom's window with the rest of his groceries in his hand, asking if he would be kind enough to clip the rest of his groceries on his back since he has trouble reaching those hooks.

After helping him, Flom makes sure to ask if it's okay that he's recording, to which the shopper confirmed that he doesn't mind. He continues to load up the rest of his groceries, before taking the watermelon that he also bought and putting it into a baby carrier that straps around his chest.


"He's got a baby carrier that he's [putting] the watermelon in," Flom incredulously narrated. "He knows exactly what he's doing."

Finally, the shopper has all of his grocery bags and watermelon attached to his body and is ready to leave. He makes sure to bid farewell to Flom and his mother, before getting onto his scooter and riding away, most likely heading home with all of his things.

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In the comments section, people expressed their respect for the shopper using a unique method to take home his groceries.

"In the rain and everything!" one TikTok user wrote. "That man's a true example of don't let life get you down. Much respect to him!"


Another user agreed, writing, "Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. You never know what someone's situation is."

"The baby carrier took me out!" a third user remarked, finding it funny that he loaded up the watermelon into it. "This man is going places."

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