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Man Asks People To 'Settle A Debate' With His Wife Who Disagrees With Him Setting Alarms Every Hour From 2 AM To 5 AM

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A man asked Twitter to "settle a debate" between him and his wife but wound up unveiling his unhinged sleeping pattern that many agreed was grounds for divorce. 

The self-described “good sleeper” says that he enjoys the process of waking up and going back to sleep before finally getting up for his day. However, he shares his bed with his wife, who he calls "Mrs. F" and describes as an “insomniac.”

Assuming the original poster means the real definition of an insomniac and that he isn’t just calling her that because she has a different sleep schedule than his, this would mean she consistently struggles with falling and staying asleep. According to Mayoclinic.org, “insomnia can sap not only your energy level and mood but also your health, work performance and quality of life.”

So, you'll understand why he and his wife are struggling to get on the same side when it comes to their nighttime routines.

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His debate: is his insomniac wife right to say it's 'unfair' of him to set alarms every hour from 2 AM to 5 AM?

Twitter’s general consensus to his debate? Hire a criminal defense lawyer. Or a divorce lawyer at the very least. The original poster's tweet was reposted by a lawyer to joke that no jury in the world would side with this man on a trial, and others quickly jumped in to agree.

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Other lawyers in the comments offered their legal opinions on a theoretical case surrounding this. “Easiest acquittal of my career,” one wrote. The lawyer who reshared the tweet originally user responded in agreement: “The effects of prolonged sleep interruption/deprivation on the ability to act rationally probably get you most of the way.” Others agreed — this case was likely to take a dark turn.

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Various people in the comments have brought up the genuine adverse effects of sleep deprivation, that in some instances can actually count as a form of torture.

One user wrote: “Marriage 101: If the thing you're doing is literally torturing your spouse (and sleep deprivation is torture), then you STOP DOING IT.  Immediately, do not pass go, doesn't matter if you like it, you stop it.  Full stop.”

Comments like these have basis in hard science. The average adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and disrupted sleep can disturb natural sleep cycles, damaging that required time of healing. According to an article by Cedars-Sinai, at first, sleep deprivation may cause minor symptoms like drowsiness, inability to concentrate, and lack of physical strength.

Most of us have probably experienced that after a late night out, or a restless night with kids. It happens. But over time, these symptoms can become more serious. They can lead to memory problems, lowered ability to fight off infections, increased risk of mental illness, mood swings, hallucinations, stroke, and potentially life-threatening problems. They can also cause worsening of untreated sleep disorders such as insomnia.

So, yes, this habit over time could very well put his wife in real, physical danger.

Some comments suggested other, less disruptive ways he could still enjoy his habit of waking up and falling back asleep without depriving his already insomniac wife of rest to keep her sane. Fitness bands and smartwatches now often come equipped with silent vibrating alarms that can be used to wake just the wearer, without a partner having to sacrifice their peace. See, it is possible to compromise if one is willing to consider the possibilities!

Others are wondering how this marriage has survived to this point, with some wondering if the man himself has survived. Sleep deprivation is no laughing matter, and the sooner this guy realizes that the better for his marriage… and probably his life.

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