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A Little Girl's Classmate Told Her To 'Go Back To Mexico' & She Defended Herself Beautifully

Photo: TikTok
Little girl responds to classmate Karen

A young girl on TikTok is getting all kinds of praise after her mom shared their conversation in which she revealed how she dealt with a "Karen" at school.

The most disappointing thing about the divisiveness the United States faces is the impact it is having on young children. Whether it’s disparities in school suspensions, disproportionate discipline, or lower quality education, children in underrepresented demographics are getting the short end of the stick.

But what is more surprising and sadder is that kids are starting to perpetuate the toxic beliefs of their parents. One elementary school girl found out that racism has no minimum age.

A young girl was told to 'go back to Mexico' by her classmate in elementary school.

A woman named Mackenzie Martine recently shared a video on her TikTok profile titled, "They make Karens young these days." The snippet began with Martine asking her daughter, who is holding her baby brother, “How was your day, mama?”

The young girl smiled and said it was “good” except for a problem she had with another girl. According to her, a classmate falsely accused her of stealing a pencil, an accusation she had vehemently protested.

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Unable to let it go, Martine’s daughter told her that the girl took things up a notch, saying, “You should go back to Mexico.”

“What!” the shocked mom exclaimed in horror. But thankfully, her daughter had clearly been educated on racism and discrimination and was fully prepared with a snappy comeback for her cohort.

The girl told her mother, “I was like nothing’s even wrong with Mexico. My grandpa is from Mexico. But that’s beside the point. She wishes she was from Mexico because her mom can’t make tacos de papa, tamales, or birria tacos.”

Impressed by her daughter’s retort, Martine said, “Period! She’s a Karen. Who cares? Don’t let that get you…” before the lively little girl threw in “racist” to complete the description of the misinformed classmate.

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Being told to leave the country is not something any child should have to deal with. 

Although the TikToker’s child had been talked to about racism and was ready with an arsenal of great comebacks, it’s a shame that her innocence has been taken away so early on.

As a parent, it is difficult knowing that you will have to let your child out into the world without your oversight and protection. When they are subjected to things that you have tried your best to shield them from, it can leave you feeling completely powerless. But there are things you can do to help your kids navigate the society we live in today.

According to UNICEF, it is important to talk to your kids about racism early and often. Kids are experiencing it everywhere they go and having an understanding of it as well as how to respond when it is directed at them can work wonders in minimizing the impact.

Before educating your kids, make sure you understand the facts, clarify your family’s values, speak in easy-to-understand language, be age-appropriate, ask questions, and create a safe space where kids can share their feelings. Keep the conversation going and be an example.

Parents.com advises that exposing your kids to different cultures and languages early on can give them a worldview of tolerance and acceptance. Encourage your children’s teachers to adapt multiculturalism into their curriculum so all kids learn to accept people who are different from them.

When it comes to racism, everyone has to take an active role in eradicating it. Our kids’ emotional well-being, sense of self, social skills, and ability to form bonds with other children from different backgrounds depends on it.

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