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Husband Expects Wife To Pack His Bags For A Trip Because He Was Up All Night Playing Fortnite

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A woman wrote to Reddit, wondering if she was wrong for refusing to pack her husband’s bags before he left on an international trip. The beleaguered wife asked the subreddit s/AmITheA-–hole if she was, in fact, an a–hole for not packing her husband’s suitcase after he repeatedly asked her to do so.

User Lydia Blue explained that her husband is their household’s breadwinner and he travels for work every few months. She described him as someone who is “irresponsible with time and counts on others to do stuff for him using the ‘I'm tired’ excuse.”

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The husband expected his wife to pack his bags for his trip because he was up all night playing Fortnite.

On the day of a scheduled business trip, Blue’s husband saw her holding a laundry basket and asked her to pack his bags. She countered his request by asking “why he didn't do it the night before and he said he was up all night playing Fortnite.”

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Blue pressed him further and “asked why can't he pack now and he replied, ‘I gotta go catch up with the boys before I leave the country,’” prioritizing time with his friends over taking care of something that was solely his responsibility. She told her husband that she wouldn’t pack his bags and that he should do the labor himself.

He questioned why she said no and she explained, “I had to do the laundry then cook for the kids then help them with homework then wash the rugs then clean the messy bathroom then the playing room then work on my garden project.”

“I suggested he stays home, pack his own bag and help around til it was time for his trip. He didn't like my suggestion and complained about missing the boys and wanting to see them one last time and say goodbye before he leaves,” Blue stated.

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She explained that her husband “grabbed his phone, keys and jacket and rushed out. I just went about my day.” He didn’t come home until 6 o’clock in the evening. When he realized that his bag hadn’t been packed like he’d asked, he panicked and asked his wife why his bag wasn’t ready.

“I told him he should ask himself since he stayed gone for hours,” Blue said. “He said he was counting on me to pack his bag and even sent me a text hoping I'd eventually do it. I didn't see the text and even if I did, I never agreed, so he shouldn't have assumed I was going to pack his bag for him.”

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The husband ended up packing his own bag and left for the airport in a hurry. Blue said that “his stuff was all over the place and he couldn't even find his papers.” He called from the airport to complain that “he missed his flight, just like [she] wanted.”

She gave context to why her husband didn’t get on the next flight, explaining that “since he missed his flight that the company was paying for, he was required to pay for the other flight or not go. He refused to pay, saying it wasn't his fault anyway and decided to not go.”

He refused to be held accountable for any part of his behavior, and then refused to fix the problem he, himself, created.

“He came home and lost it, saying I cost him his business trip which was supposed to earn him money,” Blue reported. He blamed her for the fact that he missed his flight and told her that she “made him look unreliable [and] unprofessional and compromised his work after I refused to do him this small favor” of packing his bag for him.

She told him that he shouldn’t have gone to see friends “literally hours” before his flight. He replied that “he believed this was done spitefully to get him to sit home with me.” Blue said, “I was shocked. No words, just [a] shocked face.”

Instead of taking any form of responsibility for his own actions, her husband called a friend, blamed Blue for making him miss his flight, then asked his friend to meet for dinner. Before leaving, he said, "No trip, meaning I'll be home for the next couple of weeks, isn't that what you wanted? Great, we'll both now stay home and wallow in misery.”

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As one might expect, the majority of comments from people on Reddit declared Lydia Blue’s husband the a–hole, and not her.

One person shared their belief that the conflict between Blue and her husband was about so much more than packing.

“I suggest you take a serious look at your marriage because this is about more than refusing to pack a bag,” they said.” It’s about an irresponsible, immature man who has no respect for you or the work you do to manage your home, and has both you and your kids pretty far low on his priority list.”

It seems extremely clear where Blue’s husband’s priorities lie, and just how little responsibility for his own actions he’s willing to take.

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