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Couple Shares How They Fixed Their Marriage After Their Bitter $100K Divorce

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Marriage is full of ups and downs for everyone, but with this couple on TikTok, it was more staggering than for most.

The TikToker Brittany Jade, or @brittanyjade___, has over 2 million followers on the TikTok account where she and her husband, Wyland, shared their tumultuous story.

TikToker Brittany Jade repaired her marriage even after a bitter $100K divorce.

The TikTok she posted walked through the ups and downs of their whole relationship, starting when the met and continuing on through their journey of dating, marrying, having children, getting divorced, and — after some time to grow — coming back together.

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The TikTok absolutely blew up, and now the stronger-than-ever couple serve as a bit of an inspiration to those of Brittany Jade’s 2 million followers that are working through their own difficult relationships, like she once way.

The inspirational montage was captioned, “Our 13 year love story in 1 min.” Jade also added an extra line for thought: “What’s meant for you will always find its way back to you.”

The TikTok begins where the couple first met.

Already, it was not the ideal situation. Jade shared that she and her husband met “straight out of rehab” when they were only 19.

They were living in a California sober living house at the time, but, unfortunately they were kicked from the house when it got out that the couple had started dating.

After this, Jade shares, they wound up homeless — and this isn’t the only hurdle they’d face as a couple for the net several years.

Unfortunately, during this period, Jade shares that her and her husband were also struggling with continuing their sobriety at this already difficult stage.

She writes, “we both end up relapsing, and I wind up in the hospital from my drinking.”

After this came their first breakup. Jade flew back to Wisconsin and the couple soon called off their relationship.

Things started to get better for a while.

Only two days after the first breakup, Wyland apparently realized his mistake, and he bought a one-way ticket to Wisconsin to patch things up with her.

And it worked! The pair married at only 22-years-old with a sober wedding, which shows that — at least for a while — they were improving with their addiction struggles.

And so the pair moved to California together, where they started their family: first a daughter and then twins!

According to Brittany Jade’s storytelling, this period of their lives together was perhaps the happiest they’ve ever been. But it wouldn’t last forever.

After the highest high came a low just as bad.

Here Jade gets into the crux of their marital problems; however she chooses to keep them relatively vague in this video. They explain that after the twins are born, their “marriage turns extremely toxic.”

Jade adds, “I move out, we go through a $100K divorce and have to go no contact.”

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While in this video, she doesn’t explain the details of their divorce or why they had to go no contact, other videos on her TikTok explain that she was struggling with addiction again.

According to a recent TikTok that she uploaded for her oldest child’s birthday, Jade had lost custody of her children and had a restraining order placed on her until she could achieve sobriety again.



And, it would seem, that’s exactly what happened.

The couple took their time apart, but realized they belonged together.

The next line of their viral story explains that they did not let this divorce destroy them individually.

Jade wrote, “we take a whole year to do deep internal work on ourselves individually.”

And their time to work on their individual struggles made them ready to be a couple — and a family — again!

Jade finishes the Tiktok by writing, “A year later, we re-connect after realizing how much we had both changed and grown… and today our family of five is back together and stronger than ever.”

The viewers were deeply moved by their story.

Many left supportive comments on the video or praised what an inspiration they are as a couple.

One of the top comments summed up their struggles quite well by musing, “Wow, that is the definition of ‘hell and back,’ ain’t it? Good for y’all for persevering.”

Another commentor praised their hard work in the relationship, writing, “Proof that when people are willing to do the inner work they can thrive together and forgive each other just as family does.”

Another comment sympathized with the added stress raising children adds to a relationship, saying, “Ok, but normalize how HARD relationships become when you have a baby. We are just getting through it now after a year and a half, and it was DARK.”

It's clear that, whether they see something in these two that is applicable to their own struggles or not, they are a wonderful example of just how perseverant love can be!

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