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How Social Media Companies Have Profited Off Anti-Meghan Markle Hate Campaigns

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has been a target of hate ever since the British press started a war on her in 2018. 

Markle was a target of bullying ever since the news came out that she and Prince Harry were engaged in 2017. 

Since the beginning, lots of British people disliked her because she was different from anything we've ever seen in the royal family. She's an American, the first woman of color in the royal family, has a complicated family, was an actress, and goes against the traditions of the royal family.

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So it didn't help that the hate-spewing against her exploded after her "Megxit" — or the term created in reference Prince Harry and Markle's decision to step as members of the British royal family in January 2020.

Hate campaigns against Meghan Markle have thrived on social media.

Ever since "Megxit," Meghan has received an absurd amount of hate both in tabloids, which she's used to, and now online with platforms like Twitter and YouTube who actually profit off her receiving hate.

Twitter's algorithm promoted anti-Meghan Markle hate. 

New data from Bot Sentinel, a Data analysis firm, recently revealed that they used a sample of 114,000 posts about Markle and Prince Harry since January 2020 and found that Markle has been targeted by network of 83 troll accounts with an estimated reach of 17 million Twitter users.

Only eight of those accounts have been suspended. 

The company also found a group of 55 dedicated Markle troll accounts that only post negative content about her and also found 28 more used to amplify anti-Meghan Markle messages.

According to the report, Twitter was "actively investigating the information and accounts" yet Bot Sentinel found that found the Twitter algorithm suggested they follow some of the trolls after viewing only two troll accounts.

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YouTube reportedly profitted off Meghan Markle hate accounts.

Those same kids of accounts weren't only trolling on Twitter but also had similar content in videos on YouTube.

Newsweek just revealed that trolls on YouTube — and the platform itself — are also making money off the Markle hate as these creators can put ads in their videos and are monetized.

However, in order to be monetized, the YouTuber needs to be a verified YouTube partner, then they can start earning money. 

Therefore, these troll accounts such as Murky Meg who made more than 300 videos bullying Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, have made money off of their hate videos, and advertisers are paying for the views.  

The year before this research was made, Markle had said she experienced constant hate to the point that it was "almost unsurvivable." 

Given the enormous hate campaigns against her, it's no wonder Markle experienced suicidal ideation.

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