Student Who Lost $100,000 College Scholarship After Failing To Open Letter Gets Surprise

She was convinced she would have to attend community college since she couldn't afford to go away for school.

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A high school student received an incredible surprise after she posted a video of herself going through her old college acceptance letters.

In a video that has since gone viral, high school student Madi filmed herself going through her closet and getting rid of all of her college acceptance letters since she had already committed to a school. However, while going through all of the letters, Madi stumbled across one that she regretted not opening.


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She found a $100,000 college scholarship to her top school that she had never opened.

In overlay text on the video, Madi wrote that she had been going through all of her unopened college letters from October while she had been cleaning out her closet. As she went through them, she came across one that was quite shocking.

Among the piles of letters was a $104,000 college scholarship that she had received from one of the top three schools she had applied for. The camera then zoomed in on Madi's shocked face as she read over the letter.




Unfortunately, Madi had opened the letter too late and explained that she had already committed to a community college in her area since she thought she wouldn't have enough money to go to a university.

"Disappointed I never opened the letter and college decision day is literally Monday," she wrote, pointing out that she didn't have any time to reverse her decision or do anything about the scholarship now as she showed the camera the letter.

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In a follow-up video, Madi explained why it had taken her so long to open the rest of her college letters.

After her initial video went viral, viewers bombarded Madi to make an updated video to explain the details of the scholarship letter. In the second video, the soon-to-be college freshman revealed that she had just been busy and forgotten to go through them.

She explained that she had applied to over 300 colleges, and had been doing so since the middle of her junior year of high school. In between working and trying to finish up school, Madi didn't have time to open all of them.



At first, Madi claimed that she wasn't going to do anything since she had already committed to community college, but that soon changed after she received a phone call.


"I got a call and it was a 1-800 number, and originally, I thought it was a telemarketer," she said. When Madi answered the phone, she realized that it was the college that had given her the scholarship, Maryville College in Tennessee.

"They found my video and they found my Instagram, and then they found my phone number," she said, clearly still in shock over the entire debacle. "Basically, they said they were gonna make my dreams come true, and they're going to send me an official award offer letter to my [email]."

Full of joy, Madi announced that she is officially going to her top school now that she will be given a scholarship and can afford to attend. "I'm so excited!" she exclaimed.


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