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High School Seniors Sneak Into Principal's House & Sleep Over To Surprise Her At 6 AM

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Senior pranks tend to walk a fine line between hilarious and unacceptable. Luckily, in these students’ case, their seemingly strong relationship with their principal seems to have worked in their favor. Either that, or she’s an incredibly forgiving person.

A senior class snuck into their principal’s house at 1 AM to surprise her when she came downstairs in the morning.

St. Andrew’s School, a boarding school in Delaware, shared a video of a senior prank that went viral soon after. The entire senior class of 2023 snuck into their principal’s house in the middle of the night. When she came downstairs in the morning, she found her students sprawled across the first floor of her house, awaiting her arrival.

The principal was shocked at first, immediately retreating and shutting the door. She came out again after a few seconds and greeted her students: “Good morning little bunnies… How many of you are there?” It was clear from the video that while she was definitely surprised to see them, she wasn’t angry or upset.

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Photo: Instagram

People in the comments were relieved that the prank hadn't gone wrong.

Commenters on the school’s Instagram pointed out that the students were lucky the prank went as well as it did. “I’m really glad she has a robe on. I definitely don’t fix my morning coffee in a robe and crocks,” one person said.

Other people were worried about the legality of the prank and speculated that for it to have gone so smoothly, someone must have let them into the house.

The school confirmed this in a comment, saying “It was her husband! He coordinated the whole thing with the students, let them in, got coffee and donuts for everyone for breakfast, and made sure they were filming at the time she normally comes downstairs for coffee.”

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Both Instagram and TikTok commenters brought up the fact that it seemed like the principal had a strong relationship with her students from the video. “This is the teacher they will still be talking about in 40 years,” one person said. “You can tell she loves her students,” said another commenter.

The school’s Instagram states that they are a small, religious boarding school “built upon a foundation of mutual trust, respect, and care between students and faculty.”

“That viral video of the entire senior class sleeping over at the home of our Head of School is just one example of our many open-door, your-home-is-my-home moments of community-minded kindness and connection,” their pinned post reads. They are also apparently a “phone-free school” where students leave their phones in their rooms at all times – students recording their senior prank was “an exception, not the rule.”

Senior year of high school can be an exciting time, and pulling off a fun, successful prank as a class without making a huge mess or getting in trouble (legal or otherwise) is something to be proud of. The St. Andrew’s class of 2023 managed to stage a prank that none of them will ever forget.

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