Former 'Hamilton' Cast Member Claims They Were Cut From Show Over Gender-Neutral Dressing Rooms Request

The musical has been praised for being inclusive and diverse.

Suni Reid, Hamilton marquee Joseph M. Arseneau / Shutterstock / Youtube

Despite the Broadway show's reputation of inclusivity and diversity, one former 'Hamilton' cast member is making a scathing claim that tells a different story behind the curtain.

A ‘Hamilton’ performer, who has appeared in multiple productions of the hit musical alleges that their contract was not renewed after they had asked management for a gender-neutral dressing room.

'Hamilton' star Suni Reid is accusing the production of discrimination.

In a 28-page complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Los Angeles, Suni Reid alleged discrimination and retaliation because they claims, she “dared question the supposed 'wokeness' of the company.”


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Suni Reid, who uses they/them or she/her pronouns and is a transgender, non-binary actor who first began working as a performer for the Broadway production in 2017.

From 2017 to 2021, Reid played roles including George Washington, Aaron Burr, Hercules Mulligan/James Madison, and Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson.

Reid also claimed that when her fellow play actors in the Los Angeles production made physical threats and constantly misgendered them, particularly in the male-dressing spaces, the company “failed to act” in response.


The allegations fell under "frequent incidents of discrimination and harassment from cast members and management of ‘Hamilton’” due to their “race, sexual orientation/LGBTQ+ status, gender, and gender identity.

When contract renewals started happening in May 2021, Reid requested a gender-neutral dressing room to change costumes be made available at the ​​Hollywood Pantages theater where ‘Hamilton’ is performed. 

It was after their request that their contract was subsequently not renewed. 


Reid's allegations are at odds with 'Hamilton's' reputation.

One of Reid’s attorneys, Lawrence Pearson has spoken out, saying ‘Hamiliton’ has been a “public beacon of diversity with a commitment to social justice and harmony.”

‘Hamiliton’ has been known to cast predominantly Black and Brown faces to the roles of historically white figures, a move that adds a lot more depth and diversity to the musical.

In a 2013 interview with Radical Media, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of ‘Hamiliton’ talked about his approach in the writing process.

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“I’m not thinking in terms of race at all when I cast it,” Miranda said. “I’m going to cast the best rappers I can find, whether they’re white or not. It’s a thorny issue, but I think that race and gender should be considered the same way that height and age are — they’re a factor.”


A spokesperson for the musical spoke out about Reid’s allegations, denying all of their allegations.

“Suni Reid was a valued cast member for more than three years. We offered them a contract to return to 'Hamilton' with terms responsive to their requests,” a spokesperson for "Hamilton" told TheWrap. “We deny the allegations in the Charge. We have not discriminated or retaliated against Suni.”

"Since the shutdown, our organization has taken care of our community. We have treated Suni with the same respect and consideration as all the company members of 'Hamilton,’” the spokesperson added.

“Specifically, we have given Suni direct financial support, paid for their health insurance, and paid for their housing.  We wish Suni well in their future endeavors.”


According to the complaint, the ‘Hamiliton’ management agreed to create a gender-neutral dressing room by putting up a sheet in one of the gendered dressing rooms, which was “not a viable set-up.”

It appears that Suni Reid simply wants the ‘Hamiliton’ team to be held accountable for the emotional damages done and the harsh experience of discrimination they faced while trying to advocate for their own well-being.

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