Guy Celebrates His Sister Getting Rejected By Every College She Applied To—'For The First Time, She's Facing Consequences'

Sibling rivalry with a side of deep, dark schadenfreude.

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If you've been anywhere near social media lately, you've seen them posting online—scores of teens who didn't get into college. It's that time of year—the months when high school students get their college acceptance or rejection letters, and this year it seems like more are getting rejected than ever before.

For many, it's a devastating blow. For one guy on Reddit, however, it's cause for celebration.


A guy is celebrating the fact his sister didn't get into college. 

She was going for the big leagues, too—or the Ivy Leagues, as it were. But one by one, they all rejected her until she very nearly didn't get into college at all. And as far as her brother was concerned, it couldn't have happened to a better girl.

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The guy resents his sister because she has "never faced a single consequence in her life."

The guy admits, "I don't like my youngest sister," who he nicknames YS, going on to say that she's always been favored by their parents and is "daddy's girl" and has "never faced a single consequence in her life." And while his parents are "not abusive," they have "always been softer" on her.


"It does not help that she's a selfish brat," the guy goes on to say, "who has made it her mission to make all of her siblings' lives as hard as possible growing up." And YS's propensity to get away with anything with their parents has led her to act out with impunity.

"At some point, YS realized she can just lie and get away with it," the guy writes, "or really do anything and not face any consequences... from petty lying to get all of us in trouble, to actual crime."

Even when caught red-handed, their parents sided with YS, acting like she was a perfect angel, and that extended to her performance in school. "Until 2 years ago," that is, "when she nearly failed high school by ditching for an entire semester." Suddenly her parents got really quiet. "Her GPA now is abysmal," he writes, and "she's barely graduating from what I've heard."

Still, both his sister and his parents were certain YS "could get into a good school," including her "dream school Yale. With Harvard a second pick." He added, "I am not joking." But that definitely didn't go according to plan.


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The guy's sister only got into her safety school, and he is 'living for it' because his parents refused to pay for his education.

The guy had been wondering why he hadn't heard anything about YS's college plans. It turns out it was for a good reason. "My parents and she had kept it secret because she got accepted into 0 of the schools she wanted," he writes, going on to say "they applied to 12, and she only got accepted into 1."

She's certainly not alone in that—social media is full of kids who are in YS's exact situation right now, and many of them didn't get into college at all.



YS at least got into her backup plan. But that school? Well, it's not a particularly desirable alma mater. "The school she got accepted to accepts literally anyone with a pulse that can pay," the Redditor writes, and it all has him cheering. "What makes this more cathartic to me," he says, "is when I and my older brother went to college my father refused to use the money he saved for our college on us." He went on to explain that because they got scholarships, their dad decided to save the money for YS.


"I know for a fact YS is distraught right now," but that hasn't dulled the schadenfreude he feels. "For the first time in her life, she's actually facing consequences and I'm living for it right now.

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Many people on Reddit shared the man's schadenfreude, especially given how many deserving students also routinely don't get into college. 

Getting into elite schools—or any school at all, in some cases—is no picnic, even for highly qualified students. Like the student in the video below, for instance, who graduated with a 4.8 GPA and still got the boot from schools like Harvard and Stanford, the latter of which recently hit its lowest admissions rate in its history. 

Given how low YS's grades were, people on Reddit couldn't help but share the Redditor's petty glee at her failure. "I saw the ditching school and then her school of choice being Yale," one user wrote. "Your parents made her delusional."


And like the young woman in the video above, many of them had stories of their own about blockbuster students who didn't get into college. "I knew a girl in school who wanted to go to Yale. Had straight A’s, played sports, did theater, choir, clubs, was well-read and wrote a mean essay, etc," a Redditor wrote. "She didn’t even get wait-listed, and we were at a respected private prep school too."

Of course, as we all saw a few years ago, getting into elite schools is so hard that even insanely wealthy and powerful celebrities like Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman had to resort to cheating and bribery to get their children into college, a scandal that came to be known as "Varsity Blues."

And as Vice News revealed in a 2019 report, the college admissions system is just as unfair as you'd suspect—officials at elite schools like the University of Pennsylvania admitted on the record that family legacy and financial donations from parents extend preferential treatment on their children when it comes to getting into college.


YS, of course, is a different situation—she ultimately didn't get into college because she wasn't up to snuff. But more and more, it seems like even if she had been, she still would've been given the boot, and that's definitely no cause for celebration.

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