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Flight Attendant Claims Ghost Of Her Passenger’s Dead Wife Appeared To Her During A Flight To Order Him Tea

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Flight attendant serving tea

A video from TikTok user and flight attendant @jeenie.weenie has gone viral for a recent post reenacting stories from when she worked on airlines.

In this particular video, Sandra Jeenie Kwon retells a story that was told to her by a flight attendant and teacher at the school where she trained to become an air hostess.

The story claims the flight attendant spoke to a ghost of the dead wife of one of her passengers.

In the TikTok, which has accrued 2.6 million likes and over 12,000 comments, Kwon describes a story from another flight attendant in which she interacts with a what appears to be a passenger on a plane.

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When the flight attendant speaks to the passenger, the interaction goes as expected, she asks if the passenger would like anything and after a back and forth, the passenger simply requests a blanket and tea with milk and sugar for her husband.

Kwon then describes the flight attendant leaving the passenger and her sleeping husband.

When the flight attendant speaks to another member of the flight crew, the other person is confused and says, “someone was sitting next to him? I didn’t notice."

When the flight attendant returned, the husband was awake and the woman was gone.

Kwon describes how the flight attendant initially assumed that the woman had gotten up to go to the lavatory but she delivered the tea to the woman’s husband anyway since he was awake.

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The woman’s husband was confused by Kwon in the reenactment, as might be expected of someone that was just waking up.

The husband notices that the tea is just the way that he normally takes it, which gives him pause since he wasn’t the one that ordered it.

That’s when Kwon claims that the husband dropped a bombshell revelation.

The man told the flight attendant, “my wife passed away last week, I’m taking her home on this flight.”

Kwon acts out the flight attendant's (understandable) surprise at the revelation and attempts to reconcile her interaction with what the man was telling her.

The man then goes on to say that he believes her because his tea is just the way that he prefers it. The man concludes by saying, “I think she’s just worried about me.”

Whether or not the flight attendant actually spoke to a ghost or spirit or apparition, Kwon's TikTok has captured the hearts and imaginations of many.

Some really do believe that the flight attendant spoke to a ghost, one commenter even offered advice for dealing with ghosts, saying, “Most spirits are peaceful, a lot of the time they’re just confused, be nice to them when you can.”

True or not it’s a sweet story if also slightly unnerving.

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